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  • taifrahman
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 11 yıl önce

    Hi mthomasser,
    Thanks for sending me those samples. These designs is than the first one, however on sample #23 and #24 I could not find difference between the two and also may be you can show some other font combinations for the initials "TR". I can see you are using 4 different colour combinations for #20 , #22 , #23 and #24 - I only like the blue variation amongst the colours. For sample #20 - please keep the name "TAIF RAHMAN" on the same line, but I like the ideas for both #22 and #20 . Could you send some samples with 'white on black' and 'black on white' colours with silver metallic shade and 3D look and feel? I have uploaded some more samples, please go through them for ideas. Specially, please look at file no 0019, 0025, 0017, 0011 and 0007 from the samples I uploaded for the look and feel. Looking forward to seeing some more designs some you.

    • 11 yıl önce