Design a T-Shirt Juggalo Island

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Juggalo Island
First of all, people on this shirt should be caricatures or cartoon likenesses of the people. Tis shirt is a little comedic.

For this tee shirt I need a graphic that is an island shaped like a Hatchetman (see Hatchetman attachment) on this island there will be smaller areas that will have some things going on. The main stage should be near the head; this will look like a concert going on with the two members of the Insane Clown Posse on stage (see ICP attachment) somewhere near the groin there will be Mike Busey (see Mike Busey attachment) surrounded by the scantily clad Busey Beauties. Somewhere on the island there should be an area labeled “Chicken Hunting” and there should be people with their faces pained like Juggalos (see Juggalo attachment) chasing rednecks (see Redneck attachment) with hatchets (small axes) there should be Confederate flags in the area. Another area should have a Faygo (a drink) stand (see Faygo Attachment). There should be a stand labeled “Bluntman” this should have a fat bald guy manning it and be surrounded with smoke. There should be a Ferris Wheel with Juggalos on it. A small Waffle House Restaurant (maybe dripping in blood). Also a wrestling rink (WWE style).
The following characters should be randomly placed on the island:
Random male and female Juggalos (females in bikinis)
Mankini (see Mankini attachment)
Batdick (see Batdick attachment)
A dwarf with no arms (just hands)
A tombstone that says “Tila Tequila”
Random tents and cars (most of them in bad shape)
Random mushrooms growing and Cannabis plants growing
A few trees with coconuts on them
A yellow brick road
A golf cart or two
A random Naked girl

In the water next to the island a mermaid smoking

Wow that is a lot

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