Design an E-Liquid Bottle Label

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To design an eliquid bottle label. Here are the requirements;

Cloud Chaser Smoke Oil, or
Cloud Chaser, (with Smoke Oil somewhere on the label) or
Smoke Oil, (with Cloud Chaser somewhere on the label), or
A brand name of your choice (with Cloud Chaser Smoke Oil somewhere on the label)
This can be in lower or uppercase.

125mm wide x 80mm height.
The label is printed on silver foil, so it is reflective in the foil parts.
This can be reflective colours, so ensure you make clear which parts are reflective.

1) 100ml and that it is a 80VG/20PG ratio. see sample label (attached) for ratio ideas.
2) "0mg / 100ml"; see sample label attachment for ideas.
3) "CE" sign on the bottle label
4) A union jack in foil reflective; see sample label (see image attachment)
6) The label needs a small barcode on it.

The bottle we use is a 120ml Chubby Gorilla (Transparent PET plastic Bottle with Clear Cap).
You can add your label to any sample bottle, however it is strongly advised to use a Chubby Gorilla 120ml Bottle because that is what will be used on the final product.

If you want to add backgrounds and tables etc to your designs, you can add banners saying "Buy two get one free" and "Buy five get three free". Also banners stating "100ml Chubby Gorilla". Please use a 1600 * 1600px canvas size for this.

The bottle has 50 flavours (with numbers) printed on the back for selecting which flavour is in the bottle via. pen tick mark, on manufacture.
Please put tick boxes for the flavour names on the back of the label.
You must be able to see the tick marks on the label. See sample label for suggestions.
Finally, you should have small white box titled "Flavour No." so we can write the flavour number in the box.


The 50 flavours are:

1 American M Cigarette
2 Cuban Cigar
3 Virginia Tobacco
4 Peppermint
5 Pink Lady Apple
6 Professor Plum
7 Strawberrys & Cream
8 Juicy Peach
9 Ripe Mango
10 Fresh Cherry
11 Florida Orange
12 Vanilla
13 Zesty Lemon
14 New Zealand Kiwi
15 Juicy Watermelon
16 Bounty Coconut
17 BlackJack
18 Keylime Pie
19 Peanutbutter & Jam
20 Banana Custard
21 Janet & John Ice-Cream
22 Mint Choc Chip Ice-Cream
23 Honey Comb
24 Hubble-Bubble Gum
25 Cotton Candy
26 Caramel Candy
27 Marshmallow
28 Dr Pepper
29 Red Energy Drink
30 C-Cola Drink
31 Sprite Lemonade
32 Moet Champagne
33 Rum Mojito
34 Pina Colada
35 Irish Cream Liquer
36 Blueberry Muffin
37 Rum & Raisin
38 StarB's Coffee Mocha
39 Amaretto
40 Red Label Whiskey
41 Super Cannabis
42 Bud Beer
43 Dragon Fruit
44 Passion Fruit
45 American Apple Pie
46 Zen Ginger Tea
47 Chocolate Brownie
48 Canadian Maple Syrup
49 C's Hot Chocolate
50 Cheese Cake

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  • arpee187
    • 1 ay önce

    ubos ang color code para sa ganyan.. hahaha

    • 1 ay önce
  • arpee187
    • 1 ay önce

    tingin nyo magagamit yan sa maraning variants at flavor..? hahaha

    • 1 ay önce
  • arpee187
    • 1 ay önce

    hi sir jude.. please send me a message.. thanks..

    • 1 ay önce
  • Mercadotec
    • 1 ay önce

    Please check my entry #46 Thanks

    • 1 ay önce
  • SalmaHB95
    • 1 ay önce

    Am working on your project please don't close the contest.
    Thank you.

    • 1 ay önce
    1. phoenix13a
      Yarışma Sahibi
      • 1 ay önce


      • 1 ay önce
  • configulration
    • 1 ay önce

    Please check my entry #17 Thanks

    • 1 ay önce
  • arpee187
    • 1 ay önce

    i work in sticker company.. and i have experience in this type of materials..

    • 1 ay önce
  • CarlOneFifteen
    • 1 ay önce

    Hold fire, I'm coming in! ;)
    - Do you need the '18+' and 'Pregnancy Saftey' labels on as well as in the example?
    - Is foil plain foil or holographic?

    Best regards, Carl

    • 1 ay önce
    1. phoenix13a
      Yarışma Sahibi
      • 1 ay önce

      1) Yes you can put them on the label.
      2) The foil is plain foil, however we can change that if necessary; have you experience with these materials?

      best wishes

      • 1 ay önce
  • wilsonomarochoa
    • 1 ay önce

    #sealed please

    • 1 ay önce
  • wah57caaca5bf80d
    • 1 ay önce

    Please upload the attachment. I want to work on this one.

    • 1 ay önce
    1. phoenix13a
      Yarışma Sahibi
      • 1 ay önce

      The attachments are uploaded. Thanks :)

      • 1 ay önce

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