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Name: Duramax

What do we do?
Duramax is a producer, as well a brand of non-prescription pharmaceuticals and health supplements.
It is focused on the treatment of erectile dysfunction, potency and sexual problems.

Our vision:
We have the vision of a world, where people can cure or help themselves with their potency problems without any drugs.
In the meantime we try to provide these people an alternative solution without high costs, high risks and short effect drugs.

This is the problem we are solving:
We help people with erectile dysfunctions to get to a point, where they don't need to think or stress themselves about taking a pill every time before they have sexual acts.

Who are our customers?
Our customers are mainly Men at the age between 25 and 65 years.

They take care of themselves and sometimes treat themselves to stay in shape.
They often live a stressful lifestyle and they are well educated.
Our customers don't have too much free time and are reasonable.
They appreciate a modern, aesthetic, smart, elaborate and thought out design.

Where is our customer?
Our main markets are: Europe, Asia and the USA.

Where do they buy our products?
They are buying our products mostly in ecommerce online shops and ecommerce marketplaces.

Why do they buy our products?
Because our customers trust our claims and stay or think positive to our arguments.
They like it, that we get to the point and send out a clear message.
They also like it that we are discreet, that our design doesn't let them feel sick and that our product design is not offensive or boring.

How do our products usually work?
They are designed as a cure, but they are also acting instantly. Imagine that with every day of consuming that kind of caps in the cure you reach a higher level of sexual power. This higher level has an instant effect, because after each intake the health impact will be more effective.
However the goal is not to be reliant on the instant effect after the intake, but that you actually are able to act sexual with your partner without worrying about an intake of the caps.
And after a certain time of consuming this product, the majority of our customers reach the highest libido level of the cure and are able to act sexual with their partners without using a pill or drug before. They can do this spontaneous again and again, without erectile dysfunction.

Who are our competitors:
Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Avanafil and others

If the brand would be a human, who would it be?
- Usain Bold

What the new logo needs to do:
It needs to show that it's bold, agile and trustworthy.
That it's serious and that it will bring you up to the point where you will be free again.

Where the logo will be seen:
Mostly on the new product packaging, for which we will create another contest, after we have a winner at this one.
Also it will be used in digital and print advertising campaigns.
The most important place however, will be the home of the customer. If stays his or hers bathroom, bedroom or even at the kitchen table.
The customer, should neither feel ashamed of it, nor should be anyone feel offended by it!

We like:
having something special in the logo
looks outstanding
- a little well-conceived and well thought out eyecatcher

We don't like
- when it's too complicated
- when it will be offensive in any kind
- when it looks like a regular font
- when it looks cheap

- We need a color which shows confidence in the product
- the color need to signalise trust
- but the color needs to show character
- Please note: we are openminded to different kind of colors as long
as they show who we are and what we want to achieve with our product

How do we need the ready logo:
We need the logo as a vector. print and web ready.
(.pdf, .ai, .png)

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
I'll give you feedback asap.

Best regards,

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“Awesome to work with SEMange - really good man !”

Profil Görüntüsü Mainzerger, Germany.

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