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Conceptual design 3 baches (holiday homes)

Greetings! I propose the concept of my vision of holiday homes on this site. This place is perfectly illuminated by the sun and the houses offer stunning views. In my concept, I took into account your wishes and absolutely agree with them - these houses perfectly fit into the environment and terrain, provide wonderful views, including Auckland, and are also autonomous. I have numbered the images and recommend watching them in turn for the first time. Due to the relief and the given location of the houses, each of them is isolated from each other. Also, the relief allows you to hide the solar panels facing north – they are located so that they cover the retaining walls of houses and repeat the slope of the relief, in addition, moisture accumulates on them and on the relief for use. P.S. In the images you can see Auckland at 17km – everything is in real scale and taken from Google maps. Best regrds Grigoriy Mulagulov

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  • DUCK3
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    • 3 ay önce

    Hi Grigoriy
    You have clearly put some thought into this and included the commentary I made about the site and the island.
    I really like some of your ideas and am sure they will be included in the final product.
    I consider yours to be the best of a number that were submitted so thank you for the thoughts and ideas and I am accepting your submission.

    • 3 ay önce