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All PDFs should have the JamPlay logo in them.
All PDFs should have links on the bottom of the page with the url in the guidelines doc.
All PDFs should have the same look and feel to the design that matches the design cue sample.

=== PDF 1:===
HeadLine: 4 Barre Chord Shapes You Need To Know
Please create new chord charts for the 4 chord charts I've included in the .zip as rough drafts. These are the exact chord charts, I just need them re-made in a better design.

The chord chart file names are :

Header: 6th String Root
[login to view URL] [login to view URL]

Header: 5th String Root
[login to view URL] [login to view URL]

After the chord chart section place this text:
Tips For Playing Barre Chords:

Use proper posture that allows more of the side of your finger to make the barre.
Using the side of your finger avoids the finger joints which are built in buzz makers.
Be sure to bring your thumb behind your index finger on the back of the neck.

Use proper amount of Pressure. Don't psych yourself out. You probably think barre
chords are hard and and that can have a major effect on tension. To much tension
when playing barre chords will reduce your stamina and your hand will cramp up
much quicker.

Build The Chord:
Form non-barre notes of the chord first and add the index last instead of first. This
helps with stretching and muscle memory. It also makes chord transitions easier
when you are playing songs.

=== PDF 2:===
Just a flow chart or infographic style with illustrations for each point.
1. Identify problem
2. Analyze and identify component movements
3. Practice each element individually
4. Putting elements together.
5. Repeat 2-4, gradually increasing tempo over time

===PDF 3:===
Use the text in "28 Day Barre Chord Practice Plan - daily [login to view URL]" with better formatting for readability.

===PDF 4:===
Use the text in "28 Day Barre Chord Practice Plan - daily [login to view URL]" with better formatting for readability.

AND also put each music notation example below each corresponding day.
So for example, you'd put the content in file "Day 1 - activating 4 fingers" under the section:

***Day 1: Activating 4 fingers

This is a simple chromatic scale exercise in the open position, working all four fingers as you move across this strings. You may have done something like this before, but here’s the difference: this time, you should be thinking about HOW you get your fingers to the strings, not just where you’re supposed to land. The real purpose of this exercise is to get you to focus on each finger individually, and to see how the hand and arm fit into the picture in the process.

Because there is always a musical component to these exercises, we follow the SCALE rather than just the finger pattern. That’s why we only use three fingers on the 3rd string instead of all four: the fingering for a chromatic scale is different on that one string. Take your time, keep the hand and wrist relaxed, and most of all make sure each movement is targeted and deliberate.***

Look at the PDF example jpgs for a visual understanding of what I am trying to achieve.

I'm looking for a really professional/slick design.

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    feel free to give feedback so I can change it to your favors :)

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    I noticed the music for day 21 says picking part and rhythm par, but when I open them they both say rhythm part.

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