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The World on your aesthetic centers , hospitals , clinics and doctors introducing information
  health portal that aesthetic
  Of our name:
  Sample Sites : ( content in the sample is given.)
           ( content in the sample is given.)

           example is shown for ease of design and use of this site .


  - The main Web page must have a very simple business .
  - Simplicity and color matching is really important to us
  - Men and women out of your body you yapılabilmeli election .
    for example a male body and the female body came to the home page with the mouse on the dolaştıgımızda
    must choose an aesthetic treatment options . ease of use of the main page of this form .
    so important.
    wandering around with the mouse, the mouse on the male body hair, for example
    hair transplantation , hair treatments , such as the mouse is over the nose nasal Magnification places
    mouse over the ear, the ear ni aesthetic places that should be filtered .
    While serving as a snapshot of the elections in the form of squares , such as page
    will be organized . üzderinden services for both male and female human body that is selected.
    male and female body should be selected here full size . drawing or photo real images
    can . filtering will be another country and city . Elections must be elegant and simple style of this iPohone the best in design and mode of operation of our favorite examples.
    page should not be complicated , and only mouse movements certainly work in real-time .
    Depending on the selection in the future (hospitals, doctors, clinics ) vary according to the type of
    show ( in color or as a form of presentation ), and the selection of articles and information on the
    in the imagination of the designer .
    will do more light on the page is a section in the name of my desk . This is according to the filters on the city
    an option or icon on the light table , and then transferred to the light table field from visitors
    s why the elections görebilecektir.bu Light Table page of the design should be simple and elegant .
    One of the places where the detailed specification of the contact information on the page is selected in the sub-
    receive e-mail information in the section , and that place will be throwing . the design of this place should be simple .
    kurumsalıgı imagination of the designer 's promotion of the simplicity of a design model of the head karıstırmıyan
    When you walk into the logic of the page to create and catchy bekliyoruz.kullanıcıların other pages
    easy to find a different kind of simplicity will arise with the use of the imagination of designer friends .

    iphone -style page design in general, may be in the air . page must be in the whole stretch and powerful .

    We are sure that you need to be on the page other topics will be considered by the designer friends .
    Social media such as facebook twitter web page headers and other important topics .
    windows 8 colors in the style of the primary colors of the page would be great .
    color harmony and simplicity is very important.

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    I’m a student, web designer and developer currently based in Szczecin, Poland (Europe). ​​I'm freelancer specializing in webdesign and branding. I'm interested in cooperation with you. I can offer designing website and slicing project to html and css.

    I’ve started doing professional works in webdesign in 2007. As the time has passed, experience allowed me to craft my skills. I’ve been constantly trying to improve every day. I’m technically proficient, easy to work with and I love my job. So what are you waiting for?

    Thanks for considering me for your project and I am excited being associated with you. My projects are featured on and


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