4 fashion style sketches/illustrations

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Shoewel - a new accessory for high heels - that will keep you "put": in your shoes ( think a strap around your heels ) so no more embarrassing mishaps where you step next our out of your heel.

The Shoewel is either discreet ( "nude" /transparent model)
or available in other materials (leather suede with colors/feathers etc.) to "pimp" up your heels.

Designs x4 - In French "Haute Couture" Fashion Sketch style.
Shoewel's logo color is the "radiant orchid" the word "Shoewel' champagne colored(Pantone 18-3224 TCX Radiant Orchid) please use this color where possible (e.g. in clothing/pumps)
Shoewel is a product for high heels ( so make the heels high and visible in all designs)

See attached files

Sketch 1 - ( PROBLEM SOLVED)
PROBLEM- Model1 is almost falling over trying to balance herself and it must look as if she is about to step out of one of the heels
SOLVED- Model2 Stands with confidence and the shoewels are highlighted on her high heels

Sketch2 "Will you Shoewel me?"
Shoewel's slogan is "Make every woman walk like a Queen, give her a Shoewel"
Man on his knee as if proposing with a box (withthe logo or color etc) , female wears a crown.

Sketch3 "Madam, you've lost your shoe again"
- Not everybody can afford a butler, but with Shoewel you don't need one!
butler (with on a silver plate a missing shoe ) followed one shoe wearing model (who looks back, )
Model: "Oh James, what would I do without you?'
Butler: "No Madam, all you need is Shoewel"

Sketch 4:
2 Pairs of Sexy legs in conversation -
(Legs1) "Girl, since I got my Shoewel, I feel Empowered!!"
Legs2) "#MeToo

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