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The my design

Hello, this is my work for your task, I tried to make the drawing to be between cartoonish and realistic style and to have nft touching, so this is the gif that I have done. This is my original work f or your fish design, I do not copy work. If you like the design, I can produce more variations, changes are possible. It was great to be part of your contest. Best regards, Boban.

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  • bobanlackovic
    • 6 ay önce

    Hello, thank you for the feedback I am glad that you like my work, changes are possible I have psd file so it is editable, I can do the adjustments and editing that you like, also I will make images look more smoother and better. Revisions are possible to we get to the final product that you like. For any information you can send me the message into the private chat, and from there I also can send you edited image.

    • 6 ay önce
  • myfishingplace
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 6 ay önce

    Sorry it has taken a while to get back to you. We are now deciding on the competition winner. However we need a bit more information and see the finished product. Your sketches are really good, thank for your entering. Maybe the front nose/mouth section needs to be a bit more ‘fishy’, not sure but think it needs an adjustment. If you could maybe change that a bit it would help us make a decision.

    • 6 ay önce