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My first try on your design.

Hello Sir, It is my first try on showing what I could possibly do. I want to stress here that this has been done on itself. I created a sample account, and used standalone mode for creating this page. You can view here at : Let me know if it meets your expectations. As you can see, dohop provides responsiveness to the website, which means, that it changes according to the screen size or width of the browser. I have used similar technology for the rest of the page, so that even the boxes at the end becomes vertical if you make your browser width really small. Please play around with it, and let me know if this is upto your expectations. P.S. Some of the images being used are taken from google search. They may not be used for actual purposes, however, we can change any image based on City, or country. Thank you, Jay Patel.

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  • jaypatel512
    • 9 yıl önce

    Updated the page. Have a look at it now. With Header and Footer. Also, the point is, I can help you develop one with Standalone. Think how easy would it be for me to do it with embedded, as it gives me full control on everything. Updated link :

    • 9 yıl önce
  • salimbasar
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 9 yıl önce

    Thank you very much for your design. In the starting point is good. But i prefer embedded not stand alone.
    With embedded we can create better sites. we take the search box from dohop.
    Also i need header and footer. At least with one tab header.

    • 9 yıl önce