Graphics Designer to Convert Average UI to a Glass-Based UI

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My client and I would like to take a normal, average looking user interface for a software application and give it a glass-based user interface that Steve Jobs would be proud of. In other words, I have uploaded the following "sample_application.jpg" file which is a typical user interface design for this application that we're currently working on. This design has gotten good reviews, but we feel that it could do better and that's why we're holding this contest. Don't think of this contest as a mere one-time content, but as a job interview. Win this contest and you could get more work implementing your design style on other screenshots for years to come. That is if you're interested.

Now, image that it's 2025 and that Microsoft flat metro look and feel has now become outdated and the industry is looking for something new and better - a fresh new look and feel. Also, image that the flat screen LED monitors are a thing of the past. Technology companies everywhere are now releasing new "glass-transparent" monitors and they have become all the rave. Apple is also release glass-transparent iPhones and iPads that are completely see through when turned off. Yes, in other words, it's like the movie "Avatar" - glass is now the next big thing and you've been given the task to find a new glass-based look and feel that will take software to the next level. This is your assignment - should you choose to accept it.

I've attached "sample_rank01.jpg" which gives you an idea of what type of glass looking UI we like. In other words, please use the following design rules when working on your designs:

1. The windows should have a "black transparent glass" type of look - that is, where ever the glass is present.

2. The window parts that require more color should have a rounded "bluish", "greenish", or "reddish" color while some parts will have an almost solid "blackish" color.

3. This is not a metro design - so nothing or very little should be flat. Objects should have a rounded shape in addition corners should be rounded. When the user hovers their mouse over a button or an object, that button or object should light up or glow - some kind of glass effect should occur.

4. This application will give the user the option to have a background image which will not be transparent at all. If the user chooses to use a background image, then this application will be transparent to various degrees so that this background shows (little blurry) through. If the user does not use a background, then the user's desktop should show through.

5. Since glass can come in numerous shapes and sizes - I would encourage you to experiment providing some things in different shapes and sizes other than the traditional rectangle window. For example, feel free to modify this boring rectangle window so that it displays an arc or slightly rounded outward shape on the right side of the screen. That is until the user maximizes the screen then maybe the glass edge can change shape so that it fills the whole screen, but that doesn't mean that certain parts could not maintain that slight arc shape (on the right side).

I've also uploaded the "sample_rank02.jpg" file so as to give you an idea of what we liked when it comes to a glass-based UI design. If 10 years from now we lived in a world where we only had transparent glass monitors (like on avatar), what kind of glass-based user interface (UI) would Microsoft design to replace their current flat Metro look and feel. Or what kind of glass-based user interface (UI) would Apple design that took creativity to a whole new level.

These are some of the questions that you may want to ask yourself as you're re-designing the "sample_application.jpg" user interface. Nevertheless, I also would want to encourage you to have fun with this contest. Now, that you understand what we're looking for - give yourself permission to be creative and have fun trying out or exploring new things.

Remember - have fun and goo

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  • AkshayArtPawar
    • 6 yıl önce

    You didn't award anyone.

    • 6 yıl önce
  • Elephantart
    • 6 yıl önce

    wait for my designs.Will submit today only.

    • 6 yıl önce
  • wkkhairi
    • 6 yıl önce

    how long you want your video duration?

    • 6 yıl önce
  • IjlalB
    • 6 yıl önce

    Hi gungureanu, please provide a brief explanation of why message center is mentioned at two different locations.

    • 6 yıl önce
  • UniateDesigns
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    • 6 yıl önce
  • saurabhjolly
    • 6 yıl önce

    Can you provide a document stating the requirements. Thanks.

    • 6 yıl önce

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