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We are a new company providing business intelligence solutions for small / medium sized companies. Sometimes we gain our customers directly, sometimes we work with/through other service providers (for example accounting houses) and help them to help their customers.
The big picture is that we want to use our skills, education, experience and interests (we are an accountant and an SQL developer) to increase value in other peoples businesses by doing work that they do not have the competence or time to do. This involves joining up the data at the back end and building them a user friendly front end so that they just need to press a button and get their business insights on tap.
Note, we do not build software, but we provide solutions, this means that we use pre-existing software/s to solve our customers problems. We are independent of any software provider, so we try to pick the right tool for the right job. Since we are heading very fast into the digital age there are all sorts of clever modern technologies that we can/plan to utilize to help our customers use their data to make much better predictions (machine learning, algorithms, artificial intelligence etc). ,
Business Intelligence covers reporting, budgeting, forecasting and analysis. We make use of technology to join up data sets (back end) and then build statistical models, reports, dashboards, budget models etc (front end) so that business's can interact with their data and see their story in a way that makes sense to them. This allows them to make better decisions, much more quickly meaning that they can grasp opportunities as they arise, make contingency plans for potential future cash flow dips, complete all their reporting and budgeting in a much more timely and efficient manner meaning much less manual work, and much more time for analysis / value adding.
A big problem that exists today is that most company related data resides in different databases, either online in the cloud or on-premis. Joining up this data if you are trying to do it manually, perhaps in excel is extremely time consuming and ineffective. The best companies today manage to produce their management reports approximately 5 days quicker every month than the average ones, this means that the best companies who are using technology to manage their numbers are gaining competitive advantage as they can pivot quicker, they are also able to quickly spot issues and take corrective action, plus they are saving a lot of cost on manual work when those clever resources (ie accountants) would be much better used for analysing results & providing guidance etc.
When we get customers who come to us they have often already had the "ahha" moment. They already see the huge potential in their data, and employ us to help them get everything in place so that they can drive a better business. However we are having problems communicating in once nice neat tidy tagline/sentence/short elevator pitch what we do in order to pique the interest of the potential customers. Whether these be end users, or channel partners (ie accounting houses).
We have been through many different variations on the same theme and there always seems to be something lacking, too corporate, not specific enough, what problems are you actually solving etc etc..
Examples are "creating value from data" or "solutions to provide new insights with speed and depth for companies that want to grow", we are testing these and they are not quite hitting the mark. We therefore want to open this up to the world.. we would like to create a competition for the best sentence, ideally less than 10 words.
Our name is Mantle Analytics. Mantle (as in core of the earth) as we believe that value is found from within, within people, within companies, within assets. The trick is unlocking the value that is within. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask, you can find us on facebook and linked in, our website doesnt exist yet

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