I need some Graphic Design for a corporate image that I want to improve

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I would like to turn the attached image (PowerPoint slide image on the ramp and ball on slide 4) into a 3D image and improve its quality and the message it is trying to tell.

I have attached the rest of our briefing pack so you can understand more about our company and what we do.
If I like the work done on the ramp and ball image I may also look to improve the other images in the pack.

I am trying to tell the following story with the image (ie. the ball and slide image on slide 4 in the attached pack):
All companies and government departments are like an organism, with major organs that are connected by a complicated system of nerves and communication systems. (the picture of the ball)
The major organs need to work well together for the organism to grow and be successful. If an organ is unwell, the organism can become sick and shrink or die.
The major organs are
1. People (Human resources) and Culture (how we work and communicate and our values and beliefs) 2. Processes (Quality Management System) supported by Information Technology 3. Program and project performance
The organism needs to be shaped like a ball so it can easily roll and move, it can adapt and change to its surroundings. To do this it needs to have an internal change management capability so it can roll. If its isn't shaped like a ball, like a cube or some other shape, then as it tries to roll it will bump and hurt. ie. change can be hard for many companies.
The next question is where should it roll to, how does it get there, how does it stay on the path and not roll backwards and how does it know when it has got there...
To know where to roll to it has to have a Business Improvement capability that identifies and prioritises and manages improvement programs.
It also has to have a Benefits Realisation framework so it can measure where it is, where it wants to go to, can measure how it it going and what benefits are being realised. (the ramp)
The ramp can be lowered and increased depending on what sort of improvement program is being done.
The benefits framework has different elements as follows:
1. Capability 2. Economic 3. People 4. Reputation 5. Environment
The ramp is made up of these things and they are different parts of the ramp. The organism (ball) can choose to roll up the different elements on the ramp depending on what sort of benefit is trying to be achieved.
To help the ball to stay on the ramp and not slide backwards there needs to be a chock, which is supporting the ball in its improvement and growth. The chock is all the education and mentoring and coaching of the people in the organism so it can support its own improvement.

Our company does all of these things for our clients, so I want to be able to tell this story with a really good and professional image and then talk about how we can support companies and government departments in achieving these things.

I look forward to seeing your ideas and designs.


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“Great work, will use again”

Profil Görüntüsü coopsact, Australia.

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