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hi sir, I have made for you a 57 sec video I put in it all the aspects that you have written , I organized them to make each two aspects that have a link to appear behind each other , I saw that the logo text isn't clear so I made for you a related logo , I made also a 2.5D animation , I can do a 3d or 2d animation as a motion graphic designer but I saw that 2.5 will be the best , I put an animationed text also , If there is any edit or if you want another type of videos not like collecting and assembling raws with some animations and transition and I can make the type that you want , I can make several types of video services from animation to video editing passing throw motion graphics , and a graphic designer , I hope that this project won't be the last between us . . to see my full portofolio in motion graphics , video editing , graphic design visit my website :

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  • amrabdalaala
    • 4 ay önce

    I am sorry if the video was little bit speed , but to collect all the ideas in less than 60sec

    • 4 ay önce