Illustrate a scene from a roleplaying game (Scifi)

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A small space ship is fleeing the destruction of a very large space station. The ship is riding a wave of chaos. This small ship should be the main focus of the image, it should be in the foreground with the space station destruction in the background.

This is a scene from our RPG game and I'd like to print a tshirt for the members of my group.

Please begin with a preliminary sketch and I will communicate with you from there if I think you should pursue the idea further.
The image will be printed on black using screen printing.
Black must be used as a background layer.
The image should have separate layers for each colour used, with a maximum of 2 colours (not counting black). The second colour can be used for highlighting.
The image must square and be of high enough quality to be printed 30cm by 30cm

Background Information:
This information is here to fully describe the scene and the events leading up to it. All elements do not need to be represented in the final image.

Description of the Loki:
The Loki class ship is part of the United Earth Colonies (U.E.C.) military. It is a small troop transport, transports 10 fully armored marines, designed for stealth missions, it has cloaking capabilities. The Loki is designed for both atmospheric and space flight, it has short stubby wings and uses jets for Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL). The Loki is

Description of the ring station:
The ring station is very, very large, it is in fact large enough to house the population of a planet. It is built of multiple rings to form levels, but the area in the centre of the ring is empty, it does not have spokes. Ships dock on the outside of the ring.

The centre of the ring is there to provide docking to a truly massive spaceship that takes up all of the room. The ship that docks in the centre of the ring houses, and therefor embodies, what the population of the ring station consider to be a god, “The Whorl”. The outward design of the Whorl ship is is reminiscent of a conch shell, but sleek and metallic.

The station is built specifically for the purpose of housing this god. This god ship is very rarely there. This is ring station 18, there are many more of them.

Description of The Ruin:
The Ruin is another god ships, in opposition to The Whorl. It is cylindrical and looks composed of smoke and lightning (very similar to the whale probe in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home).

A diplomatic delegation from the U.E.C. was at the ring station is engage in negotiations. While the Whorl ship was docked the Ruin ship arrived and launched an attack of chaos against the ring station and the Whorl ship. The chaos attack it described as an enveloping field of smoke, lightning and void. It is “a storm in space”.

The Whorl ship leaves the ring station as the attack begins. The station is putting up no defense against the Ruin.

The U.E.C. diplomats manage to get to a Loki ship in the beginning stage of the attack and escape while the station is destroyed. They ride the leading edge of the storm.

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“Great Job!!!!”

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  • schpat
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    • 2 yıl önce

    That last entry is really cool.

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  • schpat
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    • 2 yıl önce

    Sorry I've been away for a couple of days. It's been elections and other public holidays here in South Africa. I'm totally back now though and will be checking all the time.

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  • mikrobyo
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    guys don't join if it's not #guaranteed. Protect yourself and other freelancers as well.

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  • schpat
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    • 2 yıl önce

    I am really liking the couloring effects on this poster I saw on IMDB, I'm not really that mad about the art style, but I like the use of the two tones with the black background:

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  • schpat
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    • 2 yıl önce

    sorry, I'm just a private individual and I just cant afford to guarantee this project in case I don't get any entries. But I promise that I will guarantee if I get good submissions from five different people in the first week.

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