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Final Submission!

These are just files for evaluation. My internet is super slow, so uploading all the high quality files takes a long time. You'll get each one of these in three formats: .JPG .PNG and the .PSDs, which are huge. If you want the .AI file I can do that too, but I did this all by hand in Photoshop, so exporting to illustrator would result in some quality loss. Man, I really hope you're happy with my entry!! If there's still some lingering changes you'd like to see post deadline, I'm cool with that( within reason of course). I hope we can work together in the future too!! Best of luck on selecting a winner!! Thanks!!

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  • feedarevolution
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    • 8 yıl önce

    I like it a lot man, though I think we'll have to tweak it a bit post contest before I launch the website and all. I am not going to launch this until I have at least a couple months worth of weekly cartoons done and ready to go anyway, so that will probably take some time. I am still not a huge fan of the way Boris looks, especially in panel 2, but I am sure we can get it right. I also don't like the RED color on the sign in panel 2, so we'll have to change that. Other than that, I am pretty sure you are getting picked as the winner so we'll meet up soon here in the area and discuss this properly!

    • 8 yıl önce