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The drinking version of Mr. Monopoly.

PintBoss is a social/mobile drinking games platform that brings drinking games to the 21st century. If you've ever made a statement like "I can drink a pint in under 4 seconds" and had someone call you on it, then you'll appreciate PintBoss. We track your challenges, allow you to upload videos and brag and so much more.

We're looking for an illustration of Mr. Pintstein, the Pint Boss, himself. He's a sophisticated individual with a playful side. Pintstein is a play on words, mixing "Pint" (as in the quantity of drink) and the word "Stein", a drinking vessel commonly found in Germany.

The illustration that we have in mind is likely in the style of the early Mr. Monopoly drawings (see examples below). He's likely got the moustache and top hat, maybe a monocle and is holding a pint. Like Mr. Monopoly, he should be looking at the audience and his look should challenge them, playfully, in some way. It should say "You'll have fun with this. Go for it."

We're open to new ideas, but Mr. Pintstein is going to be going on everything from a mobile app to beer mats to pint glasses to t-shirts. We're looking for something that can become synonymous with "drinking fun and mischief".

Please include the words "Pint Boss" somewhere near him, to show us how you'd stylize it. We very much look forward to seeing your submissions.

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