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Flyer Second Version

Hi Lewis, taking your thoughts in consideration i made this second version. Adjusted the oranges to be the same as your original logo color. Also, i changed the background elements to soft gray. Hope to hear back from you. P.S: this is made on Photoshop, but don't worry... if you don't use it i could adjust it to work on MS Word or Powerpoint, using the background elements and putting the text into 'text boxes' there.

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  • lewisframpton
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 10 yıl önce

    Mr Aguero you have done a fantastic most amazing job.... I am very imperessed... can you please just give me a few different options.. I think it is so good I literally have no comments but as you are so creative if you have any further ideas please try them. Also how difficult would it be to privde me with 5 different colour schemes so if I produced a magazine of these then not every set would be of the same scheme? I would say youve pretty much one it for me!!

    • 10 yıl önce
    1. andrewaguero
      • 10 yıl önce

      Hi Lewis, first of all thanks for your kind words. I'm happy you liked the design.

      About different color schemes is not hard at all. I've made a few examples that you can see in this album:

      You can give me your desired tones and i can adjust the background colors. I could adjust the titles colors too if needed.

      About a different idea i'm uploading an alternative layout so you can have a different option too. Check it out and contact me back.

      Thanks again. Andrew

      • 10 yıl önce