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  • submerged06
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 3 ay önce

    Using the bottom version:

    - Blue sides cover shoulders and then slim down (like on base.jpg)
    ( Basically for the front just take base.jpg, turn the teal into blue, and add the swoosh to the bottom). But I like the dark blue on the sides, let's just make it a plain dark blue instead of a gradient

    - Gold ring around the neck and armpits (like on swoosh.png but also around the armpits) for both front and back

    - The dot lines on the front chest should be silver, not gold (like on base.jpg)

    • 3 ay önce
    1. nilzubaer
      • 3 ay önce

      ok, i am working, you can come to the chat box for more easy conversations & dirrections

      • 3 ay önce