Logo Design for Band Logo to be included on debut album release this April

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  • Kazanan: logoforwin

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We are an acoustic/folk/singer songwriter duo based in the UK called THEORY of FORM. Acoustic Guitar and Bass + Cajon.
We are looking for a logo/LogoType that includes the name and has some connection with our Green and eco ethics.
We like Trees, Silhouettes but please surprise us with your ingenuity.

We would love to get some ideas that can be used for our website and for any logo work we need, and if it was distinctive enough it could go on merchandise such as T-Shirts, etc.

Please check our website http://www.THEORYofFORM.com for some imagery of us, and also links to the music we play and our Links page which shows the sort of ethical/eco living we are into and support.

All the best and may the best designer win...

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“Exellent design and communication - very pleased with the results and the designs were provided in every format under the sun - very impressed.”

Profil Görüntüsü THEORYofFORM, United Kingdom.

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  • badcom
    • 11 yıl önce

    I am so glad people that post these contest understand what is at stake with these contests, other than just their logos. Designers earn points and xp for the designs we submit, whether the contest holders like them or not. So that is why there is a \"rating\" system on here. For every entry that is rejected the designers lose, not the contest holders, we lose levels. There have been more than 10 current contest that rate a majority then once done do a mass reject at at no thought to the designers. I understand that what is rejected is not what the contest holders want (obviously) but, instead of rejecting just change the ratings given or just not rate. Sorry for the vent here but I am sure there are other Designers here that feel the same way.............

    • 11 yıl önce
      Yarışma Sahibi
      • 11 yıl önce

      Hi Badcom, really good point and unfortunately something we weren't aware of. Hopefully you will receive back whatever xp was removed now we have reconsidered all entries.
      We are very aware of the difficult job that is producing designs and feel that the information about the consequences of rejecting a design should be made much more prominent on the site for those who are setting up work requests.

      G - www.THEORYofFORM.com

      • 11 yıl önce
    2. badcom
      • 11 yıl önce

      Thanks for your comment. It really was nothing personal. It's just that alot of Designers on here take "actual time" to come up with designs. And for a majority of the Designers on here, this "work" is almost what they make a living at (or try to) and alot of freelancer jobs and contests (if you could see my projects panel) go into a locked mode and the designers are out of time and money. People that host these contests and jobs certainly pay freelancer to post a job or contest as well as we the designers pay when we win or are awarded a project. So designers level up to help keep their fees down as well. Whether the designers has a paid subsrcibtion or not to freelancer. As I mentioned to you it wasn't personal, or even aimed at you, just frustration in general.

      • 11 yıl önce
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 11 yıl önce

    Thanks to everyone who entered the competition.
    We were really impressed with the standard and all the ideas presented.
    Myself and Jean-Robin need to get together to make a decision on the winner which will be done by Tuesday.
    Again thanks to everyone who took part.

    Gareth - www.THEORYofFORM.com

    • 11 yıl önce

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