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Briefing Happy Guisante (Please read and follow)

“Happy Guisante” is an organic and vegan food retail spanish brand. Right now is offering “Organic Pea Protein Texturized”, an organic and vegan alternative for regular meat. It's a new brand so their products right now only come in 2 formats, granulated and chunks (pictures enclosed). The “Organic Pea Protein Texturized” comes dry, after hydration you get a really good meaty product. This should be evolving in the near future to a wider range of products always as organic and vegan.

Where are we going to use the logo you make?
In the website and in screens with a typical landscape wide ratio but also in a portrait orientation more prominent in mobile, email and product labeling. So we have to get a logo that works well for those scenarios or get some adapted versions. Color and monochrome versions needed.

What we guess we need? (but you should know better)
“Our logo has to be a pea bean happy, smiling. It will be the image from our brand so it has to transmit happiness but also nature, good feelings for the environment, a better future for nature and also for humans, cause less meat consumption will mean a better life for us” -the client.

I'm not sure about the smiling pea bean, I guess we can read it loosely. If the best you can do have a smiling pea bean on it, that would be in tune with our client's immediate expectations. If you can bring an appealing logo, conceptually aligned, it must work too (i can handle that).

Things that I saw about organic and vegan visual identity that can (hopefully) delimit an area somehow. There are six aesthetic approaches:
Mainstream snack

Of course all of them are some blends of it. What we are not: Vintage (unless overlaps artsy), Minimal, Dietary.

So, organic and vegan is not mainstream (yet), it has a reactionary component or at least it probably be easier to grasp the meaning as an opposition to some traditional views of:
Animals as an assets

This enumeration, neither exhaustive nor mandatory, is just for those of you who don't know what organic/vegan stands for in some conceptual form. If you have a better approach, you may very well follow it.

What about the color?
All earthly colors go fine, you can push further as many brands do and i think they do it right. Of course green is a standard, so you'll never know if that means that you should avoid it or use it. Same goes for the sunny yellow.

All references are just that: something to look at for consideration. Being the consideration the most important aspect of the process.
Not all the references are consistent with every aspect that we do try to approach in this briefing. So you will find some minimalist (or clearly conceptual) references even when we said that we don't want a minimalistic aesthetic approach. Well, some of us (the one who is writing this) thinks that we probably do not explain well to the client the virtues of Mies van der Rohe.

Color References
[login to view URL]
(you could also try to google: “earthy colors”)

Form References
[login to view URL]

Bulk Product Reference
[login to view URL]

Websites to give you more context
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]

Thank you very much!

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“Got fast and right our feedback. A trait that is not that common as i've would expect in the "freelancer.com" enviroment.”

Profil Görüntüsü juli225nfer, Argentina.

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    awww...too bad i can't enter....because it has shortlisted already :( ...well good luck other candidates

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    I wanna thank you all for your good work. Many, many intresting logos! We already pick a shortlist, we'll write some feedback for each of those four in it. Do not send any new material cause the shortlist it is closed.

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    Check my entry #42

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