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The coolest, meaningful and most beautiful design.

Hello, The name CueOL means Start-everything. Thus the name fits in marvellously with your arena. The logo itself at first sight shows an HD TV. The base of the TV shaped as a PS4 controller emphasises the statement- This Is Entertainment!. The TV can be interpreted in a different perspective as a pool/billiards table balanced equally by a cuestick. The table has no holes in it which implies that the games never ends. Coming to your final requirement of drinks and snacks, all you have to do is tilt the logo sideways to get the visualization of a Mug. Coffee or beer, is the glass half full? Or is it half empty? The color has been chosen to go with the name cueol(cool). Also the refreshments are always as pure as water. A lot of effort has been put into this identity. Please do give a good feedback. Merry Christmas. Regards, kr3ig

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