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This is an updated project that we ran about a week ago. We are looking for more.
First - we want a slogan and logo for a marketing campaign for our school.
Second - we want a connected slogan that encourages community outreach
Third - we want to update our school logo (attached)

Updated/additional information:
When a light bulb comes on for a student, the student shines!
WE want to build a campaign to market students to our small K-12 public charter school. We want to encourage ALL students to SHINE BRIGHTLY. We are remodeling our primary school and will have a huge open house to show the community our new building -- with WOW factors, fun, picnic.
We need a logo to represent our new venture. We have approval from our board to invest in our school. The board presentation is attached to show you how we are moving ahead. (The school logo can be seen in this powerpoint also.)
Our school was named after Leonardo da Vinci, the famous multi-talented artist. Our school mascot is "The Stallions", but we don't like it, so we rarely use it.
Sandy Maxson

Kids today are struggling in school. The pace and culture of classrooms are the antithesis of society. Our charter school is looking to invigorate students in our community. We want to generate a groundswell within our community that kids can be great, they can do incredible things now and are far more capable than what we are requiring of them. Our school is asking kids in our community to be more, to shine brightly in this upcoming school year. We want our community to know, by showing up at community(family/children) events that we are taking a stand for the ability of our kids. We want a logo that can be used for T-shirts, billboards, direct mail pieces and a web site.
Brian Drummond
Board Member

The first tagline we love is: discover da Vinci. The first contest we focused on Shine Brightly. The winner of our first contest had a lightbulb in between the word shine and brightly. For our first tagline, we think we want the lightbulb between the words discover and da Vinci. WE can't decide if we should use da Vinci or da Vinci Schools. What do you think?
We like using neon or bright yellow with the lightbulb. And we like being able to print on black or white, or possibly on neon yellow.
For our connecting tagline, we want to encourage people in our community to SHINE, or SHINE BRIGHTLY. The winner of our first contest put the lightbulb in between Shine and Brightly. Many of our committee members like SHINE BRIGHT. Others don't. We have come up with 'How will you shine?' or "How will you Shine this year?' or 'Let your greatness Shine' or ....... what do you think we can use with the lightbulb?
And finally, our logo is getting old, so we think it needs to be updated. We like the unique V, and feel that it is somewhat noticeable in the community. Maybe new font, maybe new color. Something fresh and new to represent our unique, innovative school.

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