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Need great editor to complete our Ginni Thomas/Clarence Thomas (Right wing U.S. Supreme Court buffoons parody, asap. As in within a day.
Lyrics below - images we have ideas for are in italics next to each line. For contest purposes you only need to submit approx 20 sec sample to be awarded full project. if you want to make full one go ahead. Please don't submit unless you're able to finish in a day or close to it. Due to time U.S. difference, you'll need to work late hours.
Finished product should look similar to this tx.

Temp audio uploaded. Finished audio track will be uploaded around 7pm tonight, est. Song length will run 2:20

The general vibe of song is she is singing about her manipulation/control of supreme court,, her subservient husband, the nation, dark money, etc. totally arrogant, racist idiot, so most of it should focus on her.

"Presenting Clarence and Ginni Thomas in: 'Gov Will Keep Us Together'"
Gov, gov will keep us together
Crush that blue wave forever
Who cares if we’re playing along, our appointment's lifelong
We own this town and the libs don’t belong
Never stop - cuz they wanna recuse you
Photoshop - say g’bye to the Hebrews (map of U.S. says ‘100% Jew free!')
I’ll do my part, I'll get gov to keep us together (she’s speaking at a white power rally)

You You belong to me now (the justices are puppets/ she’s holding strings)
Ain't gonna set you free now
When those corporate donors come round, in dollars i’ll drown (swimming pool full $)
i run the show, here, and he’s just a clown (clarence thomas as a circus clown - holding can of Coke with a hair sticking out of it) so stop
'Cause i’m so far above you
Call the cops, they’ll just liquidate you (SS guards throw Uncle Sam down a well)
It’s you i’ll outsmart and our Gov will keep us together (Proud Boys, Oath keepers, Thomas in bed)

Nothing’s provable (SCOTUS rules"Case Dismissed")
More power than a mafia don (Biden in bed with the statue of liberty’s bloody head like the godfather)
I’m immovable
from Mephistopheles i was spawned
Ms Hill, Ms Hill, Ms Hill (footage of anita hill/clarence thomas hearing)
is dead and gone forever
she just couldn't keep it together (Anita hill crying)
I said it before and I'll say it again
for whites i’ll defend (try animating clarance thomas' face morphs into him as a white guy)
Get those immigrants’ out (giant boot kicks migrants out) it’s democracy’s end, I won't stop
'Cause I really hate you (Ginni thomas with a swastika armband in front of white house or capitol), get a mop
I'll filet and serrate you (constitution in shreds on floor near a bucket)
I have no heart and my gov will keep us together

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“Waseem is awesome. :)”

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  • sajalsahil
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    pl share the photo instead please

    • 4 ay önce
  • wasee11
    • 4 ay önce

    working at it

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  • Jshartouni
    • 4 ay önce

    if you have the photos i can submit the files in a 6 hrs max from giving me the content please let me know if you are intrested

    • 4 ay önce
  • sajalsahil
    • 4 ay önce

    hey can you please clearly tell what you want

    • 4 ay önce

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