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We are a vape shop in a heavy tourist district near the beach. Our name is vaguely pirate-themed (Vapey Jones' Locker), though we are not attached in any way to pirates as a theme.

Our culture is very much community-focused (events and entertainment regularly), and we pride ourselves on knowledge, professionalism, and value. But, frankly, we're not really looking for much beyond a logo that fits with our name and our products.

For context as to what I like, the best logo I know of (IMHO) is for Jacobs Creek wine. It uses negative space to create a creek (the brand name), with primary elements as grape leaves (the product), and subtle indications of leaf stems create a wine glass being poured into (the experience). This trifecta is my holy grail. Obviously I'm not looking for a carbon copy, and will ultimately trust your judgment as a designer. I know that not all answers fit all problems.

We have discussed some of the following elements: a traditional keyhole (as one may find on a 'locker' chest), clouds, wisps, etc. to harken to the experience, pirate hat, treasure chest, sails/mast, parrot (basically anything vaguely pirate-y), waves or a dock/pier (we are 2 blocks from the ocean in a beach-centric tourist town).

Personally I favor a combination of a keyhole and clouds, but since I fail as a designer I have no idea how to achieve it cleanly.

I would note that the jolly rogers (skull and bones) flag is often an immediate suggestion - under no circumstance will I accept anything with bones or skulls. Our purpose is to extend life expectency, and death imagery is not in line with our mission.

I would like simple, clean, and recognizable shapes (obligatory useless words clients use). More helpfully, I do NOT want anything that is overtly cartoonish, whimsical, or childish. Vape shops are, contrary to popular belief, geared towards middle-aged clientele who are switching due to insurance, the birth of grandchildren, or over health concerns. I'm never here to sell or market to kids, and with the current climate around vape products, I don't want it to even look like I would touch an underage sale with a ten foot pole (I would not). I'll be a bit firm about this in the appearance of your submission.

Your design should not rely on color over shape, as it will be printed daily on thermal receipt paper and color will be lost. It should also not be overly detailed for much the same reason.

I hope that I have been thorough, and if this site allows you to contact me (haven't figured that bit out yet), then I will make myself available for clarification where needed.

Thank you, looking forward to your efforts.


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“I had a particular vision which I didn't think was possible. It asked for complex shapes to be incorporated with negative space - I just couldn't quite picture it. The first entries came in, and it was clear nobody had read the post, but Jamolidin nailed it on his first crack. It's not only a really exciting design, but I'd also gotten it from him in no time flat. Prompt and precise. Thank you, J!”

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