Mechanical keyboard appearance design - wireless split type - no need to draw 3D - 11/10/2023 10:53 EDT

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  • Ödül: $220
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  • Kazanan: Ewahyu

Yarışma Özeti

• 应用场景:
• 设计风格:
• 产权保护:承诺提供的设计作品均为初次发布的原创作品,不存在侵犯他人著作权的问题或风险;中标的设计作品在我方支付费用后即拥有该作品知识产权,卖家不可再向他人提供。

• 需服务商提供:

Application scenario:

A wireless mechanical keyboard divided into two parts, which is ergonomic. The combination of the keyboard's built-in joystick and scroll wheel can replace the mouse

Design style:

Minimalist style, gaming esports, classical nostalgia, etc

• Property protection: The design works promised to be provided are original works released for the first time, and there is no problem or risk of infringing on the copyright of others; The winning design work will have intellectual property rights after we pay the fee, and the seller cannot provide it to others.

Service providers are required to provide:

1: Colored sketches or renderings may not require 3D documentation. Of course, the better the details and effects, the higher the adoption rate. Multiple sets of design drawings can be submitted, and AI design is also allowed.

2: There must be 3 complete color design images (in accordance with the three views), otherwise it will be considered an invalid manuscript.

3: It is better to be able to explain the design concept and ideas in detail.

4: This requirement is only for determining the design route and style, and subsequent 3D modeling and structural design are required. Capable bidders can continue to participate in subsequent projects, and the prices for subsequent projects can be discussed in detail.

5: Please carefully review the various documents in the attachment, including CAD files and 3D drawings

6: Attachment decompression password: ftjpwgsj

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