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We are a company working in firefighting equipment maintenance.
1- our services is to maintain the fire extinguisher, fire water pump, alarm system to the clients in Periodic work ( depends on the clients needed ( 2,4,6,12 times annually ) and we trying to recontract with customer again and again.
Deficits in the current workflow is:-
1- we cannot remember customers previous contract dates.
2- Our employee forgets to visit customers.
3- We don’t have organized agenda
4- Some employee loses invoices
5- Some employee steel money
6- Some employee ignore clients phone calls.
7- We want a professional application, restricted, suitable, workflow can be managed easily.

So, we will start with a daily scenario:-

First of all we have different groups: -
Start Group:- every one of this group using their mobile to fill up the form as a daily work with minimum ( 40 visit per day ) excluding the vocations or it will appear the deficiencies in the reports says the he visit for example 20 on ( date )
- they are responsible to randomly visit customers ( any type of shops ) and make a survey contains ( name of shop owner, name of the shop*, tell, type of the shop ( drop list )*, date of the previous maintenance contract expiry*, name of the previous contract company ( drop list )*, the expecting refund, the expected services can be sold to the customer ( drop list )*, clint location on google map* ( like when choose location the form automatically appears his location )

second groups :- they are the negotiators :- we have 6 employees so far and may increase,
before 20 days of the previous clints contract expire ( external or internal client ) the application can move the requests to the negotiator ( my work ) and start timer ( if the timer is exceed 2 days it will copy and notify the admin ) and change the color of the column to orange or if the 20 days is paased It will change the color to red – we want the balance distribution and once negotiator liked to a customer has to be his customers unless admin change the assigned.

1- They are responsible to visit clients before the previous contracts ended and try to contract with them
2- They able to make a quotation with a limits ( for example upper limit is 20000$ - or needed admin approval )
3- They can change the status (rescheduled, approved, refused)
4- If rescheduled, can he add date.
5- If approved, it will move to another group (technician team)
6- If refused it will move to admin group and he only can do (rescheduled, re-assign)

Third group:- technician group:- their mission is to visit client and do the maintenance, invoice, collect money, handle money to the admin )

After the invoice is initiated the application has to automatically re- send the previous requests to same negotiator to visit him again after 150 days from the invoice date.

Forth group; admin group
They are responsible to see the progress, reassign, collect money from the technicians, handle money to the financial administrator, also they can make notes, invoices, quotes.

Fifth stage: -
The financial administrator will confirm the money he collects, and it will move to other stage.

Sixth stage: - its copied stage from the fifth stage with is responsible to confirm the commission the goosed to the negotiator

General :-
1- All groups work with mobile
2- All stages has to have time tracking
3- All users has only to show their requests & only can edit some icons
4- Has perfect dashboard to every user
5- Only the can work through my work
6- Any updates has to be recorded
7- The application has to show creative & secure work also must be perfect

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