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I'm looking for a movie poster to accompany a screenplay I’ve written. I’ll use it in pitches to agents etc. I'd like it in the style of old 70’s/80’s horror novel covers. I’d like the poster to be a hand drawn and in colour. My screenplay is a horror film with bits of black comedy. It's called:


It’s about a husband and wife (mid-forties), with an 18 year old daughter, in a suburban house, being threatened by a monster (The creature) who's linked to the father's (Jack's) past.

A lot of the story is showing the monster himself as an articulate, complex and dangerous character, so I think the poster should focus on him.

The creature has a taste for sleeping in the wheelie bins that we use for putting out our rubbish/recycling every week, so I had an idea of an eye peering out of a bin, and perhaps a hand reaching out (see the "IT" posters) with a suburban house in the background and the title across the top/bottom.

There are two other characters - a nurse and a stripper who are key players in the story, so I thought perhaps we could see them (described below) hinted at in the background . Perhaps, faces or silhouettes capturing that both woman are dangerous and sexually motivated.

Pretty easy on colour themes – It should be quite dark, so some amount of black background, with a brighter title. Anything along the lines of what I’ve attached would be great.

Here’s character descriptions I’ve mocked up:

The Creature:
Dull, yellow eyes. A man's build. 6ft. His hands and face are hard to make out, but appear smooth and look like off-raw meat - bright red with streaks of grey. Bald head. Bright white teeth. He bleeds here and there, leaves stains on whatever he touches. Lean, muscular, has long fingers that look like strands of muscle, tightly bound.

Helen (Nurse):
Pale-skinned young woman with a hard face, juxtaposed by a cute bob haircut. She has a flat stomach and, always wears scrubs, no bra.

Lena (Stripper):
Tall and curvaceous, with long black hair. She's wearing a black corset, black thong and ruby red high heels. She's barely concealed by the corset and her hips are almost comically wide. She's like some sculpture of female fertility.

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