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Professional illustration

Hello Sir! I'm a professional graphic designer and i've worked hard to create this. Couldn't open the word..... This is vector and we have the photoshop file. Everything can be scaled as you need. Please rate it! Regards!!!

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  • fmp
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 7 yıl önce

    This is not the project. Why can you not open the word file? Do I need to change the format?

    • 7 yıl önce
    1. kluft795
      • 7 yıl önce

      2007 word version, do you have a .doc file please?

      • 7 yıl önce
    2. ashasaffiya
      • 7 yıl önce

      "too old"??? the format is .docx and its NEWER than .doc

      • 7 yıl önce