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Girdiyi Rapor Et Logo by J.P.L. Productions

I am proud to present you with the new logo! After taking a look at your website and reading through your mission and vision statements, I have found that this will make a great fit to your already known presence. I've cleaned up the fonts to fit a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. I also included the little blue man to associate the logo to something else that your viewer/customers will see in your other product graphics, as well as to symbolize you welcoming them into the Magneto community. I added the blue line to give a soft separation between "magneto extensions" and the site name. I wanted to keep with the blue and white color scheme ( a different shade of blue, however) for a couple of reasons: Inotice your product boxes and site are primarily blue, but more so because, the soft blue is very welcoming to the eye, and when used correctly, can actually make users more comfortable and stay on your site longer. I hope you like it, I can make adjustments if need be

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