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Ideas for increasing Engagement of IBM Centre

Hello, I have shared some few ideas and sample reels from existing TikTok content and one from a youtube video of an austrain comedian that tries to explain cloud computing. The other videos shared simply provide related content that could be magnified with IBM Cloud campaign. Please, review my pictures and I could go further into breaking down the demographics. But since the objective is to increase followers, general content can attract attention from all audience mostly from 16 - 24. I am confident that this can act as a good guide with a simple timeline of how it can be implemented. Most people don't understand cloud computing, fast: explain what this means and later feature the IBM Cloud course certification both with a hashtag and influencer support. I believe with this and more guidance based on what I share, we can come up with a great strategy. Please, feel free to message me here and let's create something that can work for you as soon as possible. Thank you

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