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IBM Centre for Cloud Training Video Reel

Hello, please review this link here; and recommend where you might need adjustments, additions, or subtractions. It drills down the facts about the need for the course from looking at one's next career move to helping one gain total control of their future. Then, it indicates how an unskilled person hammering a computer then is connecting different things, so all one has to do is select the job role they have, choose the level, and become an expert. It then shows short reels of the professional services, energy, aerospace, logistics and one can make an impact. The last section encourages one to apply by emphasizing that it's all for free and sharing the direct link to the section of the certification. I hope it brings us everything one needs to know in only 45 seconds. Thank you

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    Can you edit the viewing settings for the video to allow anyone to watch please?

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