Seeking an original font for a fierce hot sauce brand logo featuring a viper. Must convey intensity and boldness while maintaining legibility. Think fire, spice, and viper imagery. - 15/02/2024 18:18 EST

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Project Overview: Looking for an original font for a hot sauce brand. The brand is centered around the concept of intensity, heat, and bold flavors, represented by a logo that features a viper. The chosen font will be used across various brand materials including packaging, labels, promotional materials, and digital assets. We aim for the font to convey a sense of fierceness and intensity, resonating with the spicy and bold nature of our product.

Text: Viper Hot Sauce
--> Apply the font on a hot sauce bottle.

Key Requirements:

Fierce Vibes: The font should evoke a sense of fierceness and intensity, aligning with the aggressive nature of the viper logo.
Legibility: While a font that is bold and impactful is desired, it should still maintain high legibility, ensuring readability across all mediums and sizes.
Distinctiveness: The font should stand out and capture attention, distinguishing the brand from competitors on shelves and in digital spaces.
Versatility: The font should be versatile enough to be used across various brand materials without losing its impact or coherence.
Font Style: While we lean towards sans-serif or serif fonts, we are open to creative interpretations that best capture the essence of our brand.

Viper imagery
Fire and flames

Primary Font: use your creativity while adhering to brief.
Secondary Font (optional): A complementary font for use in subheadings or additional text.
Font Usage Guidelines: Recommendations on font size, spacing, and color usage to maintain consistency across brand materials.

We aim to select the final font within 7 days, with revisions if required.

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  • trying2w
    • 2 hafta önce

    Dear CH,

    Kindly consider #36 , #81 and #83 . Any kind of feedback will be greatly appreciated.


    • 2 hafta önce
  • AmandaSkraba
    • 1 ay önce

    Please, check #121

    • 1 ay önce
  • shakiladobe
    • 1 ay önce

    Here is my Vector Artwork
    It's 100% Vector, Its high resolution
    (Format: Ai, PDF, EPS, JPG, PNG, GIF, JPEG) With source files
    If you need any change please contact me.

    • 1 ay önce
  • m509
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 1 ay önce

    Please remember to display your font on a hot sauce bottle, preferably this one if you haven't already:

    • 1 ay önce
    1. Shafiqatari
      • 1 ay önce


      • 1 ay önce
  • m509
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 1 ay önce

    Please stop submitting un-original fonts. Originally designed only. Entries will now be sealed.

    • 1 ay önce
    1. Shafiqatari
      • 1 ay önce

      Great decision. Thanks ?

      • 1 ay önce

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