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Design Briefing Placement Booster

What is “Placement Booster” for recruiting agencies and headhunters?

It is a web-based job information service for active agency based recruiters and head hunters, showing nation and industry wide job openings in different categories -> it enables the recruiter to get more and faster information and therefore make more placements and money/revenue – PlacementBooster is the “daily kick” for the recruiters – it’s main function are:

- QuickMagic (fast search function)
- NewMagic (newest findings)
- MagicMatchComposer (complex and overall search function)
- MagicMatchRefiner (additional precision search feature)
- MagicMatchMatrix (composed default search matrix )
- MorningMagic (Morning Market Alert, Daily Booster)
- ProspectMagic (company and/or sector and region based target search)

PlacementBooster is like the daily “life insurance” for headhunters to get the new jobs info and overview, is can be a RevenueBooster, it enables to be faster and more accurate than competitors, it is the morning sugar kick to get new job inspiration and working cases, to find new customer and openings, to get more sales leads, to get job ideas. So PlacementBooster in it’s architecture and nature is and symbolizes:
- freshness and overview
- sharpness and market savvy
- flexibility and opportunities
- intelligence and action
- boost, bang and revenue

Note: Please find a clever way to symbolize the “PlacementBooster” together with its magic components – preferably in an illustrative and web 3.0 flat design style (e.g.;,, - in the form of a pleasant, necessary and intelligent symbol - single or in combination (e.g.: eagle, animal, nutrition/fruit, rocket, a smart and likeable cartoon/character, airborne radar, speedometer) and with icon or symbol for the functions, so that a “story” can be visualized (note: if you use an for example and illustrated likable eagle , you can “play” with the eagle, in one section put him rockets, in another section let him fly early in the morning over a scenery of mountains, lake etc. on the watch-out for a prey, in another picture put 4 or 5 eagles together to show strength, presence and instinct, in another picture let him catch a pray, in another picture let him fly high with a revenue curve, if choosing an illustrated eagle make him smart, instinctive and lovable like a smart cartoon character e.g. woody woodpecker).

Most important is telling a story in web. 3.0 flat design and structure to make the headhunter want to catch this service and fly high or get boosted upside with this “thing”.

Thank you for your creativity and effort.

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“Outstanding Designer with good ideas, flexible and fast. We will hire again.”

Profil Görüntüsü goldwynpartners, Switzerland.

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  • anilsingh2chd
    • 8 yıl önce

    Hi, Please check #25, I think it fits well with brief

    • 8 yıl önce
  • kanno007
    • 8 yıl önce #13 an d #14 both are copy...

    • 8 yıl önce
  • goldwynpartners
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 8 yıl önce

    Dear participants, thanks for your entries, please check the specific briefing so the resultats can be produced in accordance with to the definition. Looking forward to a good solutions, if so, an add-on job to work the inner pages can be contracted...

    • 8 yıl önce
  • Afifahsan12
    • 8 yıl önce

    Knock me like my design's #16

    • 8 yıl önce
  • Afifahsan12
    • 8 yıl önce

    this is example of my of work if you like it massage me i will submit a design based on your project. #10

    • 8 yıl önce
  • daxing0412
    • 8 yıl önce

    Please check #5 & rate

    • 8 yıl önce

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