Square Ninja Sound Effect project one

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Sdbean is back, recruiting musicians for sound effect. We keep this post unsealed so that you can listen to others' work. If you have good music idea, welcome to submit.

Send yr artwork to contact at sdbean dot com with high quality(320kbps). Final payment will be made before the game release through paypal or here.
It is a chance to show your talent to the world. We seek long-term cooperation.


This is a video demo around Christmas.
Our first SFX project is open for you to imagine. Send us whatever SFX you think is suitable. When shuriken hit the paper made ninja, the pot, and the wall.
What the SFX should be like when the user select a level? when each level completes, the statistics result comes out?

We need a package of SFX to select. More detailed requirement table may be updated later to this post.

For music aspect, specially to Thomas Glasson and Silvioub:
We love the music made by HypderDuck for Kingdom Rush and Brian Tyler's work. You can easily search for Brian Tyler's film music.

We now upload some Kingdom Rush work for your reference. Try to make the music and SFX more suitable for a Japanese style work and remain the enthusiasm feeling for battle. Each time we open Kingdom Rush, the feeling remains the same because of their music.

My musician friend suggest us to use "orchestra style", and more "brass" and "percussion" in his words.
Don't be limit to shamisen by my previous request, maybe a orchestr and western style is also suitable for this game.
Current music use too many drum, which made each level very similar. We obviously need some diversity.
My friend also suggest that you have the ability to provide better "tone-colour"(not sure my translation), some instrument have obvious difference between real and computer-made. Try to provide better live performance feeling.
:) we trust you and the works are very very good now, let us perfect it.

Let the users remeber the game partly because of its great music, especially the entrance and map music.

Please email me your paypal account or you can tell me you prefer freelancer for payment if you want add more credit here.

4 Jan 2014 update:
uploaded Kingdom Rush Frontier music as reference, which is also very very good.

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  • sergiodazamusic
    • 10 yıl önce

    Greetings sdbean, I found your "Square Ninja Sound Effect project one" job post and I'm very interested in your project. As professional Film & Video Games composer with experience in past projects, I think you'll find I have the skills you're looking for. I can assure you that the quality of the work will be outstanding.

    I will be grateful if you could take a look at my portfolio and could interview me at some point in the near future. You will not regret it!

    Thank you for your consideration I look forward to hearing from you,

    pd: Here I leave you some samples of the music I make, one of the soundtracks being actually based in China:



    • 10 yıl önce
  • sandroceccopieri
    • 10 yıl önce

    I´m a brazilian musician, and i´m specialized on filme score and sound design.
    here in Brazil, i have a recording studio, and all of my jobs are made on Pro Tools 10 HD Platform.
    best wishes for all of us !

    • 10 yıl önce
  • Pmontiron
    • 10 yıl önce

    Dear Mr. I copy here the link to two samples of my work. If you are interested I can compose some pice and soundefects for you. Please contact me, I am very atractted by your project. Pablo Montirón https://soundcloud.com/pablo-montiron.

    • 10 yıl önce
  • tellentstufio
    • 10 yıl önce

    I’m composer and sound designer of custom music in different cinematic genres: Romantic/ Dramatic/Action/Horror orchestral scores for films, games, media, trailers. Each track which you like can be changed as you wish: (tempo/equalizing/length/ fading/ sound FX)

    • 10 yıl önce
  • Mladen1981
    • 10 yıl önce

    This is great, I am in.

    • 10 yıl önce
  • Irec Global Services
    Irec Global Services
    • 10 yıl önce

    We are not able to upload audio track .

    • 10 yıl önce
    1. sdbean
      Yarışma Sahibi
      • 10 yıl önce

      emails yr work, or put on dropbox, or on whatever website. Upload a picture including a link to your sfx.

      • 10 yıl önce
    2. evanuril
      • 10 yıl önce

      My suggestion,
      change the settings of your contest, so we can upload our entry in the form of sound


      eva :)

      • 10 yıl önce

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