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Fantasy sword

Hello! Here is my variant of covert art. As the cover is 3-dimensional, I designed the cross-guard ("wings") in such a manner that it should be visible on both sides. Thank you!

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  • KennethKON
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    • 11 ay önce

    At first, I was not very enthusiastic about your design. However, once I saw it on the sword itself I understood your design much better and appreciate your submission more.

    One thing to note is that your design has the wings going out relative to the "blade" of the sword and not the flat. Most designs have the wings pointing outwards relative to the flat of the sword. Instead, your wings point "inwards" on the flat of the sword.

    Overall, I think you understand the point of the submission and I am happy to review your submission. Thank you very much!

    • 11 ay önce