Tank AI Unity plugin for my game

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I am developing a tank game in unity. I need AI for the tanks. It has to do its objective and return to base. If any enemy encountered , it has to destroy it.

I can't share my project here, so please create a blank project and finally send as a unity plugin.

Use the free assets from the asset store. I have a terrain which is separated by rivers but connected by bridges. So the tank has to find the path and travel through the bridge.

You have to use unity colliders and apply the motor torque and steering angles accordingly..

I need the final items to be in a unity package. If you could do a prototype and send a exe file, you will be in a high priority

The target platform is PC.

Game Requirements:

1. Terrain must be separated by rivers and connected by bridge
2. Plant trees, rocks by downloading from the asset store. or use rudimentary graphics
3. The tank have to avoid those obstacles and go the destination.
4. there has to be two bases, red and blue base

AI Specifications

1) Capture the Flag
The Tank from the Blue base have to travel to the Red base and capture the flag (Vice Versa). Shoot any enemies encountered.

2) Defend the Base
The tank has to wander the blue base and guard the flag. Shoot any enemies nearby.

3) Recover The Flag
The tank has to recover the captured flag and return to base. Shoot any enemies encountered

4) Engage Enemy
The tank has to attack the enemies nearby.

Shooting doesn't have to be fancy. Just shoot some spheres!!
Use A* or any other effective solution. Navigation to waypoints using wheel colliders is a must!

The prettier and better it works, the more chance of getting the reward.

Document how to use the plugin and also provide enough comments in the code. Please keep the code clean. I need the full source code on completion, then you can upload the executables/video captures.

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  • mrunaldhurwe02
    • 2 ay önce

    Make it #guaranteed

    • 2 ay önce
    1. vw1760047vw
      Yarışma Sahibi
      • 2 ay önce

      HI Mrunal, the number of participants are very less. Hence it not viable to make it a guaranteed contest. One person is already doing a good job, so he might get awarded at the end!

      • 2 ay önce
  • vw1760047vw
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 2 ay önce

    Unity Version : Unity 2018.3.3

    • 2 ay önce
  • matiasarroyohect
    • 2 ay önce

    Do you prefer Unity navmesh system to be used or my own navigation system?
    Thank you very much.

    • 2 ay önce
    1. vw1760047vw
      Yarışma Sahibi
      • 2 ay önce

      I am good with any system as long as there won't be any performance hiccups. And if you are using your own navigation system , make sure you don't use any deprecated functions.

      • 2 ay önce

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