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The goal is to create a design ready for print inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope. The main feature of the telescope is the large main mirror and I want the design to be based on this – with the mirror cantered on the image and not at an angle – we are looking straight centrally to the mirror. Please check the video below for inspiration. You don’t need to understand it well, but it will give you creative inspiration and competitive advantage.
You are the graphic designers so I’m looking for your creative ideas. I will share some design ideas that I would like to see but overall, the best design will win – it doesn’t matter if it’s in the below list or not, as I’m open to your ideas.
1) The main mirror with a reflection of the Milky Way galaxy. Please see section ***UPDATE*** below for guidance on what Milky Way pictures to use and what to NOT use. So this design could incorporate such high quality and resolution image seen as reflection off the main mirror. This design will have to look realistically close to a picture of the actual mirror – less looking like an illustration, more photo-realistic if we could be in space where the telescope will be and take a picture of it and the reflected Milky Way. In reality, the reflection will be more of stars from all directions rather than the Milky Way specifically, but since the Milky Way is beautiful and well recognised, I think it will be a very good match for the design. Please stop the video on the 8 second to see something similar to what I mean.
2) Clean design with just the main mirror and no star reflections. One version in gold and another version black and white. The gold colour has to be carefully matched to the gold tint of the mirror as seen from the video, or other photos or videos for this telescope that you can research yourself.
3) Same as design 2) but this time the mirror is the central part of a hexagonal grid (just like on a football but flat, not round). The grid is faded compared to the mirror and further fades away as the distance from the centre increases. Imagine the main mirror with it’s hexagonal mirrors and just continue that same geometric grid outwards, fading it until it disappears. The telescope mirror will stand out at the centre and the surrounding grid will be sort of imaginary in this drawing, hence why it will be faded and further fade from the centre of the image to the periphery.
***UPDATE*** We can see part of the Milky Way from Earth’s surface by just looking up at the night sky. I want such picture and NOT computer graphics of how the Milky Way might look like if viewed from another galaxy (where the whole Milky Way is a spiral). This update is for designs that use Milky Way pictures. If your design doesn’t use Milky Way pictures, ignore this update. Below are links to 2 Milky Way images – OK IMAGE EXAMPLE is a real picture and the type of image that I want. I’m not talking about this exact picture but the type of pictures that you can search online. NOT OK IMAGE EXAMPLE is computer-generated graphics of the whole Milky Way galaxy. I don’t want this.
OK IMAGE EXAMPLE >> https://images.theconversation.com/files/164673/original/image-20170410-8855-epopod.jpg?ixlib=rb-1.1.0&rect=0%2C142%2C1000%2C485&q=45&auto=format&w=1356&h=668&fit=crop
NOT OK IMAGE EXAMPLE >> https://astronomy.com/-/media/Images/Greatest%20Mysteries/41%20to%2050/Incoming.jpg?mw=1000&mh=800
Some design and file requirements:
The design must be fully cropped and have transparent background, so must be PNG file format.
Transparent background.
At least 6000x4000 pixels resolution but as close to 100MP as possible. Must be less than 100MP.
No colour transitions with transparencies.
I will also need the original, editable vector file, as well as the original file which was used to create the project on the software of your choice (.cdr / .ai / .psd etc.)

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“Kyle Francis P. was very open to revisions after winning my contest. He delivered each revision in a timely manner.”

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    sir please cheak my entry #62 #63 #64 #65 #66 #67 #68 #69

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    Please see section ***UPDATE*** for guidance on what Milky Way pictures to use and what to NOT use. Some designs have been created with what I don't want so I would kindly ask the designers to please re-design with the correct type of Milky Way pictures. Apologies that this wasn't clear enough in my project description. I have realized my miss only once I saw some of the designs. Thank you.

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