Video for telling a simple story in a breathtaking way

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We need a funny video which people love to share and which tells a simple story.
It should run on - so it has to fulfill the normal youtube video requirements. The length should be about 30-40 seconds. It can be a cartoon-based or animated or whatever - feel free to use the best way to tell the story. A good example how a famous ad video for cigarettes worked (long time ago) is:

But as mentioned - feel free to make your way of implementation - funny, breathtaking and tell the story.

The story is about a specific app which helps people to replace the real eating of junk-food or snacks or sweeties by using the app on their mobile.
So a possible script could be:
o A couple sitting in front of tv
o They already a little bit over-weighted - but not too fat
o They eating smacks like chips...
o They look not very happy
o THEN SUDDENLY they got the idea (or any other suddenly make them change)..
o THE USE their mobile with the app
o The throw away the real chips and "eat placebo chips" on their mobile
o Their face begin to smile
o And their body becomes more thin
Also this just one idea for a script. Alternative could be a scene in office to avoid eating parallel to computer work etc etc...
At the begin there will be a cover image as title scene. At the end there will be another still image showing the reference.
And during the movie there should be for a few second a look on the mobile showing a specific screenshot.
All these images will be provided by us...

We are looking forward to gaze at your creativity !

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“I am totally happy with this partner, had good creative ideas and open for joint improvements. For sure next similar task I will ask him to work for me again !”

Profil Görüntüsü vw570012vw, Germany.

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  • arunstudios
    • 11 yıl önce

    entry #1 is just a template video..

    • 11 yıl önce
  • sparkvideo
    • 11 yıl önce

    Hardly anyone will participate in your contest.And atleast forget about BREATHTAKING video in 150$ . It would be better if you expect for tolerable video rather.

    • 11 yıl önce
  • Anilio
    • 11 yıl önce

    And you want all that for less than 150 dollar ( freelancer fee deducted) Amazing... what\'s going one here on freelancer???
    Everyone wants a video \"\"state off the art and time consuming \" but now one wants to pay equal ammount of the video is worth or cost to make.

    • 11 yıl önce

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