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Subaru design

Hello SemperFidelis, Here is a design for your subaru. This is my first submission to you with a few changes from your original idea. I hope you don't mind. 1) The stripes from the lady bug (in the movie) originally go from the hood to the back of the car (because they're sporty stripes) , so if you want something that fits the movie and look sporty as well I think you should use the same idea (like in this image). 2) I feel the logo "Lane Real Estate Team" would be hard to place on the bottom of the back of the car because of the license plate and the words "Subaru" and "impreza" that would get in the way. Why not tint/paint the rear window with your logo on it? It would be far easier to do and would give you much more space to put it. 3) You might be able to put the phrase "buying a home, selling your home" in between the wheels as well if you want to. There's plenty of room I think. I can always change things if needed. Hope you like my submission. Thank you. James

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