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    Dear all, I need to create a figure that shows four nearly identical panels: X, A, B, and C panels. Each of these panels schematically shows a segment of a biological molecule in four different organisms. Attached are my templates: Fig3_overall shows a sketch of my figure. I show this sketch just to give you a schematic idea about how the panels X, A, B and C will be arranged relative to eac...

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    Looking to have pictures cleaned up, including cropping, resizing, cleanup, background removals and making them all the same sizing for Ecommerce website. Will provide files in RAW format and you will be responsible for cleanup as mentioned above. Roughly 100 different items, with 1030 photos (5-8 of each item). You will be responsible for 2-3 pictures of each item so we can use on Ecommerce. ...

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    I need someone to extract copy + images from a spreadsheet and lay it out in indesign. The info provided here: All the items in YELLOW have already been extracted - See IDML attached There are 1030 entries to be extracted. All items must have the correct corresponding copy and image. IDML attached ...

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    Hi, this is the website: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] This is a ecommerce that is using wordpress and woocomerce. But the website is slow, the home page takes around 30 seconds to load, the product pages i think it is around 10. Here is the gtmetrix speed report: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] So i need you to fix this ...

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    I have a current Magento 1.9 website running on PHP 5.6. I want it to use PHP7. I have tried to apply the patch but now i'm even getting a error: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1030 Got error 28 from storage engine, query was: DESCRIBE `log_visitor_in - Project including resolving the error - Make sure the website runs on PHP 7 You will be provided with Teamviewer for access.

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    Hi, i need to be able to scrape around 5k products like the one below: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] The hardest part of this project, is that the product description which is called "ficha tecnica" on this url example, is on a table. You can see the image attached of what table i am talking about. So the challenge is that i need to scrape this dat...

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    Hi, i have a list of 28k products sku that i need you to confirm to me which ones are on a specific website. The website is: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Here is a example of the sku: 7891019203253 I need you to create a scraper that goes to the search function, search for the sku, and let me know how many products are created with this sku. On this case the...

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    This is a affiliation work... by registration with 1030₹ (999+30gst)... then will be earn 2600 to 15000 per month. the best job in corona lockdown time.....

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    Development of Trading strategy : Kite Connect interface for data & trades Strategy is to Buy options at a specific value of shares and then place take profit and stop-loss order in options on bases of percentage Also I want to change the inputs value of price of stock e.g Suppose XYZ stock is trading at 1000 and I want to buy option XYZ1040 CE when value of stock reached 1030, now when ...

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    It is a 72”x36” banner. I would like our logo on the left and the the right to say Horse Riding Lessons 801-376-1030 And a border around the whole thing I need it to be in jpg. Or jpeg

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    Please change the number 1000 in the picture to 1030.

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    I have a temperature sensor that reports temp_object & temp_ambient over I2C. I have a 128x64 OLED display that runs over I2C. I have an Arduino Nano with Datalogger shield that contains a real-time-clock & micro-SD card. I want the temperatures logged in the micro-SD card and time stamped. I also want the display to update the temp_object in real-time so I can visually confirm the dev...

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    I need an Expert Advisor that manage equity by monitoring, close all open trades according to the equity cumulative profit, and lose Let me give you example I deposited 1000 USD in my account, and I opened 5 pairs and made trade orders on them, after one hour there was floating balance for opened orders in minus value (-50) USD but in same time the equity increased 70 USD and becomes 1070 USD ,t...

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    Details of my problem here. Will pay if you are able to fix it. Preferably about 30 quid or less but depends how thin the crowd able to do this is. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    I will pay for accurate resolution of my local problem. Full details of my problem are available at the link below: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    Una web con CMS Joomla 3.x requiere conectarse a través de un SOAP & WSDL con archivo xsd. Los siguientes son los paremetros requeridos: 2.2.1. Servicio web con sus parámetros de entrada: Datos de la Compra Función GenerarInformeAutenticar Parámetros de entrada Parámetro Tipo Dato Formato Ejemplo Descripción Obligatorio (SI / NO) autsol_nropedido...

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    We have a family engagement that is for about 30-40 people and I need a photographer for 2-3 hours on 2/15/20 from 1030-130. Thanks!

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    €12 - €21 / hr
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    I am the CEO of It Is The End LTD, a company based in Brighton UK. I design and develop Virtual Reality experiences. I am here in Tokyo to meet an hikikomori expert and I need and interpret to assist me a t the meeting. The meeting will be the 10th at 1030 am

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    Look at this sheet (it's a sample of the data): [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Your job is: There are 2223 records on the sheet. You must find at least a website, a social media url and the amount of likes on a minimum of 1800 records so that is 80% completion rate. I understand some websites can not be found and social profiles as well, but not more th...

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    Hi, the website you need to scrape is: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] The only hard thing is the image path, all the other data should be easy to extract. Attached is an excel file showing how i need the data to be: Let me know code 1030 to proof you read description.

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    We are looking for a graphic designer for a poster of a new Escape Game we created for France: Requested formats : A4 (21 cmx 29,7 cm) with bleed and stroke marks + A3 (29,7 cm x 42,0 cm) with bleed and stroke marks too. Important information that should be on the poster: - Chosen title : « Les secrets du Madiran » - Subheading: « La folle aventure de l’élixir sa...

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    Please design a one-page company overview flyer/brochure. - Have included a file with copy for the brochure - Have included many picture files; don't have to use any - Have included logo files which I would like re-sized and re-coloured to greyscale and included in a section - I would like to use pictoral icons for each of the "Services". - Final document should be a print rea...

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    Create a prospect list by copy pasting and searching the web. The website where you will find all the companies is in the link bellow. It contains ca 1200 companies. Some of these companies show some Contact info but far from all the info. You have to visit each individual companies own website (either by clicking the link or when there is no link, google the Company name and visit their website)....

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    I have an 1 hour audio recording and a 58 page highlighted transcript of it with periodically shows the timestamps to help you find the corresponding location on the audio. I need the highlighted portions of the transcript pulled into separate audio clips and saved according to their timestamps (so the filename would look like ("56:02-56:14"). Each separate highlight needs to be its ow...

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    1. Signature/ Disclaimer with Logo for my Iphone 10 and MacBrook pro The text in the signature which can be something other than black, and the disclosure. I’m going to need some hand holding on how to install on my iPhone and Mac-Book Pro. Billy Cooke Authorized Member of LLC VOIP USA + 1 205-345-1030 FAX USA + 1 205-989-8257 E-Mail billcooke@ [URL'yi görüntü...

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    For files of non-winning entry #1030 in Project #1531703

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    Trophy icon Flyer/Video Visual Bitti left

    Need a video like this [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Except with the specifics listed below. 1. Start the video like they did by stating "Miami fling & ItsTr3nt Presents the Official Summer Jam After Party at Amber Lounge in Seattle, WA Hosted by Bessa Kube93" 2. Featuring artists such as Lil Baby (play video of Southside) 3. City Girls (play ...

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    Hello I have error in my plesk I cannot login in my website wordpress, and when i connect in my plesk i have this error Mark a server error 500 PleskExceptionDatabase DB query failed: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1030 Got error 122 from storage engine, query was: DESCRIBE `sessions` thanks you

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    Hi There, I am on the Marketing Team at Everything Wine and we are in need of a videographer/photographer to document our new store's Grand Opening in Abbotsford. Needed on May 18th from 1030 am for approximately 2 hours.

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    I need a custom design of 2 images (size about 1030 x 350) for slider of a business website. Please state your experience and provide samples of past works.

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    I want to scrape 1030 records please check attached excel file for url's and output sample. NOTE: Fixed budget $10 for 1030 records and deadline next 4-5 hours.

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    Good Day, We looking for a Quotations on the below mentioned info. Kind Regards Anthony We are a small Property portal that is starting to grow. We have been using Webharvy to extract the information, but we have encountered a few problems along the way and we can no longer rely on Webharvy to extract the information. 1) We are looking for someone to create a template scrape for the hosting com...

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    Si te gusta escribir sobre tecnología y tienes un reloj Garmin Edge 1030, este proyecto puede ser perfecto para ti. Buscamos un escritor(a) para escribir un buen artículo analizando las diferentes características, el rendimiento y tu experiencia en general usando el producto. Ejemplos de artículos analizando un producto: [URL'yi görüntülemek i&c...

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    Hello, I want you to translate the short product menu from Chinese to English. I have attached the article.

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