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    Current multi page account signup form complete in php and inserts into MySQL database. Need to convert to a session with login and password assignment. **New Features to be incorporated:** * Capture billing info to pass through to a cgi for credit card processing. * Once login/password has been selected/inserted into DB, rest of sign up form is

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    ...VB program to convert one client database to another. It is a very easy project for a decent coder. (if preferred you can use VBA with excel for excel 2000) Upon successful upload the project is done. The two formats are from: [login to view URL] (sample attached [login to view URL]) TO: [login to view URL] (the layout is the mdb database) I also attached

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    ... - handling different field types and formats (date, money, telephone etc) - look up data (data from a field must be validated against database) - pre adjustion of the image before processing (rotate, convert to grayscale etc.) - handle/deliver 2nd, 3rd rate matches Phase 2 will be extending with dictionary functionality (no template defined

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    Hello, I have a backup MS SQL SERVER file that I need to convert to MS ACCESS. I have information in the database that I need to use but all I have is MS ACCESS. I need this ASAP! This is a very simple task, I just don't have a SQL Server tool to convert it.

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    We have a multi-step process to capture packet data using Ngrep, convert the data using perl and by using phpmyadmin, we append this information to an existing MySql database: This is used on online gaming servers to track player name, IP of player, and time of entry into a specific game. We currently use Wincap 3.0 and Ngrep 1.41. We need a program

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    I need help to convert a javascript menu, so that it will work under all browsers, and not only IE. It is a very simple job for a coder. I would also like to change the menu a little so it’s build by data delivered from a database. I’m not a javascripter myself but the data is delivered from a database as followed: [Entertainment/movies,http://www

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    Public Library Application -Our current database is a DOS based system. We require a new Windows XP based application and to convert the old information from the existing database into the new application. Most people know how a library works. This will automate a lot of a library adminitrative funtions. It will track patron and library asset information

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    ...if necessary. (3) All data files will be stored either in a simple MYSQL database or in a plaintext flatfile in a hidden directory (this will be a system directory outside of the /www hierarchy). If MYSQL is used, the Coder will provide full specifications to create the database. (4) The coder will recommend the appropriate permission settings for all

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    20-25 page site database platform with ability to select information from criteria given and post information to database. shopping cart account page and membership page password facility Database already designed in Access for easy reference, pages written. Quote required to convert into Mysql, design and navigation.

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    We need to convert a relatively straight forward e-commerce site from ASP to PHP. The site currently uses MySQL as it's back end database. It's not strictly e-commerce as there is no way to purchase anything as all the products sold on this site are customised to specific customer needs. It is a possibilty however that we may need to provide on line

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    I have a MS Access database which contain a list of serial number for programs. Now, I want to convert this MS Access to SQL 2000 and write a standalone Java program to access the data where I can do a lookup for the serial number for a program or add or delete a serial number for a program. Simply Java project with a SQL backend. ## Deliverables

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    I am looking for a simple html menu. It must be written in psp( PL SQL Server pages) or asp The menu must come from an oracle table or an access database. Then menu can have multiple child menus and you can go to multiple levels. Security must be defied on the menus so, users can view only those items that they are assigned to. The most important

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    ASP to ASP.NET Bitti left

    This ASP based web site is an internal Inventory/Shipping type application. We would like to request a bid to convert it to ASP.NET with VB.NET Attached is an HTML help outlining all scripts and database functionality. Also attached is an RTF file showing the pages, inputs, and output. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working

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    Sybase Adaptive To SQL Server 2000 Migration tool User Options: 1. Create new Target SQL Server 2000 Database (instance) on target server. 2. Select a Sybase source database and SQL Server 2000 Target database using DSN or OLEDB Or Config file. 3. View/Select Source(sybase) Tables, queries, views, stored procedures, triggers and ER (relationships)

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    [login to view URL] is now written in ColdFusion(MS Access database), we want to rebuild the site with same functionalities using PHP/MySQL The site now is large, however, it's quite simple in terms of structure/back-end This site is just a LINK portal with 2 major sections: A. CATEGORIES 1. List All Sites 2. Flash Sites 3. NON-Flash

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    **There are 3 parts to this project **1. Convert Access db to APD linking to upsized SQL backend 2. Create a webstore based on SQL backend 3. Create a web-app which will mimic the Access ADP. **_Part 1_:** We have completed an extensive Access database which we would like to have converted: -to SQL backend -update code to reflect updated

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    I need an experienced programmer to convert my Filemaker database to Microsoft Access. There are some forms that display customers data, contracts, purchases, orders, etc. Nothing really advanced except for the Statistics area. Everything should work in Access - Exporting from Filemaker is a pain taking procedure so if you have the know-hows

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    ...0 shopping cart that we want to start using and we need some customization. And we need to convert this VB6 application to a web application (using ASP and a SQL database). The current database is MS Access 2002 and will need to be converted to an SQL database. (MS SQL or MySql). The shopping cart and the back-end application also need reporting functions

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    €441 - €4405
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    convert attached program from ASP to ASP.NET. It reads a softball league database many passes to produce a bunch of tables of results. I want to see how it can be done - (identically) in ASP.NET for function see: [login to view URL] ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well

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    ...a windows based software program that will allow lab workers to input results of various tests performed on each sample. That information will be exported to Access Database. The database will later be querried to create a printable text report. Additional computers on the network contain results that will need to be attached as files to the main

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    ...mailing list program that we want to use, but it uses an access database, we would like it to use an SQL 2000 database instead. You can download the mailing list here(Access 2000 version): [login to view URL] Here is a database converter if you need it (We never used it) [login to view URL]

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    ...rewritten. This is a free service we offer so we will either drop the project or preferably convert it to php if we can. There are 60 ASP pages in total, some of them very simple, some more complex (Like logout pages etc.) I can provide webspace and database structure as needed, and I will be accessable on ICQ/MSN etc. to answer questions asap

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    ...postal code database, therefore we need to utilize either the free postal code directories on the Net as a data source... or incorporate a little lateral thinking. Put forward your suggested solutions! There will need to be a database backend to store postal code info (you can use an Access database so store your data). We will convert this later

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    ...module that accepts two zip codes and provides the distance in kilmometres and miles between them. There will need to be a database backend to store zip info (you can use an Access database so store your data). We will convert this later to SQL Server, so your data code needs to be separate (think of using structure arrays to hold your data, and having

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    Need to convert the included Perl script to a c exe file (we need source code). It must run on FreeBSD 4.x and interface to a MySQL database. Straight conversion with no enhancements. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that

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    What I need is to convert the attached page (.asp) page to aspx ( The page basically connects to the database using ADO and updates records using the recordset objects and using the execute method and looping through records. However, with, ado does not work. I need the aspx page modified so the end result will be the same as the one

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    ...created, where admin can choose which database to use. The choise about which database to adopt it has to be included in the [login to view URL] file (which is the one the user run the first time to set up the helpdesk) but it means also that as said above the admin need a radio button option to switch from a database to an other. 3- The script that create

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    I have VB/Access2000 program with Crystal Reports . I would like to convert the database so my customer can use it in a multi-user enviroment. They scan data with a partable data collector and import the data into the system . They generate reports using the builtin Crystal Reports. The problem now is the data is getting very big so it is slowing down

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    ...(a percent of labor estimates) The job cost module will need a page to enter an estimate. It will need subforms to put in estimate details. It will need a way to convert an estimate to a sold job - lock the original estimate so it cannot be changed, and begin to accumulate costs from both direct data input and from materials purchased in A/P

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    8 teklifler to process the different list we get as input and able to adapt for different data structures in the future. We need also to process some data in certain fields (ex. convert CAPITALS to Capitalize or minuscules based by a script or template or something) Datasources are slightly different so, the software should be able to split certain columns

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    ...questions quickly and schedule the most capable tech for the job while on the telephone with the customer. So, we would like to convert our paper skills rating and equipment lists to a searchable and easily updatable database that will present the techs capable of doing a particular type of job in order from most skilled to least skilled. Similarly, we

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    ...doesn't send an email or update to a SQL database. I want it to do both. ## Deliverables 1) I want my web hosting order form to take values and update to the database and send me an email. 2) I want it to post to PayPal (this is semi-working) with values from my order form. 3. I want to convert all pages from HTML to ASP. I want to

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    The project is to take a access database with forms and convert it into a MySQL database, HTML based forms with PHP embedded scripts for MySQL queries. The Access DB has two tables with a max of six forms. There will be slight modifications to the HTML pages, so the end result will be slightly different from the Access forms. There will also be some

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    A very simple VB6 function to convert a XML (which is passed in as the parameter) and update a single Database Table. I am attaching the XML for your review and will provide the accepted coder the DB structure. Infact the table will have only about 60 fields, so a lot of data from XML will be ignored. I will be able to give you a rough mapping of the

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    ...number of field sets (number may vary but format is defined). These data elements are then to be inserted into a local database (currently Access but other alternatives considered). Once the fields are stored, the system should convert two of the fields (ascii text) to speech using the Microsoft SAPI SDK which is installed on the host machine. This will

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    Microsoft Access 2000 database needs to be converted to SQL. There are 83 tables, 157 queries, 126 forms, 150 reports, and a small module. Must convert DAO to ADO on coding. All forms, reports, and modules are in Access and simply need their code converted from DAO to ADO. They do not need to be converted to VB. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional

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    ... (take out the spaces and convert to email address. btw, this is not my email address.) Password: rentacoder 2. Determine and communicate whether or not if the asp code is standard VB Script. If it is, (A) zip and email a copy of the asp code to me and (B) make an estimate of the time it would take to convert the database connection to MS SQL 2000.

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    I have VB/Access2000 program with Crystal Reports . I would like to convert the database so my customer can use it in a multi-user enviroment. They scan data with a partable data collector and import the data into the system . They generate reports using the builtin Crystal Reports. The problem now is the data is getting very big so it is slowing down

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    ...results and strip the html down to text records. I would like to convert this into a PHP (or set of PHP) based pages on an existing webserver to take a list of books and authors submitted as a formatted text file, perform the same search logic and write out the results to a MySQL database. I would also like to expand this to run against several additional

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    ...take a jpg or gif and convert it to fit tightly inside a 100x100 pixel area. Aspect ratio should be maintained, with the largest of the height or width to be 100 pixels. The thubnail needs to be clear, no aliasing or pixilating. The area which cannot be filled by the image needs to be white. I currently store the images in a database and use ImageMagic

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    1 teklifler environment, dos-based. As this is outdated and because i have also some problems with new OS like Windows 2000/XP, I need to convert this application to windows application with a new GUI, using also a Windows database (SQL, MySQL, etc.). First part will be a conversion, afterwards (will be possibly a new project!) I need also some adjustments (export

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    ...short in length, generally between 2-5 pages long. The cover page for each recipient will be different, showing the date of their last order, services requested, etc. We have database software that will create the necessary text (.txt) files for each of the cover pages. As such, the software needs to read in the text file for each client, and transmit same

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    I require a PHP script that can convert a Woltlab Burning Board 2.0.2 forum ([login to view URL]) MySQL database to a vBulletin 2.2.9 forum([login to view URL]) MySQL database. This should be accomplished without any loss in data such as posts, usernames, passwords, access rights, ranks, etc. I must have copyrights to the script and it must

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    ...Windows scripting written that will essentially convert an MS SQL Server 2000 database to an MS Access DB. The first few lines of the script will set the SQL Server database name and hostname and should be easy to modify. The system will be ran from a Windows account that has access rights to the database. The system will perform identically to someone

    €176 - €264
    €176 - €264
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    ...web site template ADDITIONAL INFORMATION I want the initial order and the subsequent renewals to be automated and secure. I need some support is accessing and amending the database records of subscribers. I will need 3 subscription pages and one member page: 1) for my existing customers to access the site for one month free 2) for new customers of my

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    I have some ASP code that I want to convert to Perl. The code is straight forward and inserts several values into a MSSQL database. Now I need the code in Perl. The ASP code looks like the following: set wdp = [login to view URL] ("[login to view URL]") [login to view URL] database, login, password [login to view URL] ("insert into Workorders (Date, Priority, St...

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    I have an oscommerce database and I am having a problem with it. The easiest way to fix it is to multiply entry for product price and product weight by 1.2 The thing is, there are hundreds, I need someone to do something that will convert them. I will supply the MySQL dump file , you do the conversion and I import it again using phpmyadmin. I really

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    Estimating Bitti left

    Phase 1: Convert MSAccess application to Visual Basic. Tables must remain accessable thru MSAccess. Two (2) contracts will be awarded for Phase 1. Phase 2: After VB version is approved, the best of the two versions will be modified by supplier as necessary and integrated with Maximizer running on [login to view URL] 2000. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and

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    37 teklifler, it will look like the rest of my pages, and work perfectly with merchant america. It should be totally secure, and work with a MYSQL database. It will be hosted on my server. You can build this yourself or convert from an opensource shopping cart, it doesn't matter to me. I will give you the exact form fields I want to collect data for. The admin

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    I need your Help with below rewrite engine script to convert it to CGI-PERL script ---------------------------------------- RewriteEngine On RewriteLog logs/[login to view URL] RewriteLogLevel 1 RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} !.*userName.* RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/abc/.*.htm.* [OR] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/abc/[login to view URL] RewriteRule ^/(.*) http://WebLo

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