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    I need to add one or two graphics to top of my shopify store. Attached is what my graphic designer envisioned. I have graphics in any format you need. My website is [login to view URL] to see difference.

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    I need to add one or two graphics to top of my shopify store. Attached is what my graphic designer envisioned. I have graphics in any format you need. My website is [login to view URL] to see difference.

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    we're trying to open an website shop for our products. We need help designing the whole atmosphere of the pages and little help for editing the pictures would be appreciated too.

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    Hi, I need , quite urgent, a homepage for my new subscribtion service that i want to launch Nowember 1th. I use Shopify. I want a simple and cool looking homepage.

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    I am using the template debut from shopify to sell a single clothing item. I have set-up all the basic pages and wanting someone to review the layout and support adding any additional features that will stylizing it to give it a professional and quality feel. I have not yet launched.

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    Hi! I just need a page template for my shopify store. This template should mimic the layout from this page: [login to view URL] I don't need the Instagram Grid nor the Magazines Carrousel. The fonts, font sizes, and colors should be the ones from my shopify theme. I guess that's it.... if you have any question please just ask me,...

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    Hello My name is Amit, and I opened a Shopify store 2 weeks ago. I've already bought a domain and uploaded 108 products with Oberlo. The main subject of the website is a smartwatch and smart band. I need someone who can really make the website look high quality and efficiency for the customer. I need a killer design that will generate ...

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    I need someone to make my shopify store look great. What I need is design mostly.

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    i need shopify expert for set up better like logo, template,e-mail marketing,seo,facebook ads this is my site [login to view URL]

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    I am looking to whire a grapic desginer for a online shop project. I need to following : Fully desgined theme for a shopify online store Logo sites for example : [login to view URL]

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    I am setting up a website for a vintage clothes store. I have bought the Flow theme and I am able to put content into it ok. But I want to tweak design aspects and use my own fonts. — i've tried uploading my own web fonts but had no luck. I need help editing the CSS and HTML because the design alterations that the 'cu...

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    Hi there, I would like to build a shop in shopify. It would consist of around 100 products... I would like the template designed and pictures supplied...

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    Hi. We have a website currently built on Wordpress. Our site address is: www.liquidmoney.com. We want to move the content from existing site onto Shopify. We really want someone who is more technically inclined and understands how to move the content and make it super fast on the Shopify platform. So, less creative skill (we like our current site design/fl...

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    We are a small motorcycle parts company in Houston Texas looking to update and reconfigure our shopify site

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    I started building my store and now I am stuck im not sure how to get this off the ground. I need some help with what I have. I also need to know this will work for my company as well. My project is that I am selling in-vehicle accessories I only have 1 item so far looking to start off with 2 products then grow. I do not ...

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    shopify brooklyn theme customization. i want same this theme: [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions]

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    I have a partially developed Shopify store site that needs some final development.

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    je recherche un assistant virtuel capable de gerer shopify

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    Create/Revamp the design of shopify store, add products, descriptions, layout of site to feature special products, etc

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    make a customized Shopify theme to meet customer needed UX requirements.

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    I would like to create my own unique brand that I could use for a logo and be able to print on t-shirts, hats, sunglasses, cell phone cases, coffee mugs. If possible i would like to own all rights to images. I would like the Maltese with FD lettering font:( EH) The kneeling print would h...

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    ...are a physical shoe shop located in Oslo, Norway, and we want to set up a Shopify webshop asap, and are trying to choose the right template. We're considering the Turbo version, do you have any experience with how this theme i?: [login to view URL] Also, can you tell us what it would cost us to set up a basic

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    i want to open a shopify store to our spa

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    I need a developer to help me integrate our new affiliate company into our website. They have provided a full guide of what needs to be done. The company we are integrating with is Awin. It would be good for somebody who has experience of this to be of assistance to us.

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    I am looking to start up a clothing store with drop shipping, using oberlo. I want it to be setup with both so I can easily edit pricing and add items to the [login to view URL] products and constantly update them.

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    I have a e-store that needs a few design modifications.

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    Simply looking to add a "splash page" to my existing shopify theme, nothing more, nothing less!

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    It's an online store selling handbags. There is six different types and they all come in the four same colours.

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    I am looking for shopify designer to build my one page ecommerce store

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    [login to view URL] is our shop, and we are needing a few changes to the current template

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    We want a pagespeed optimization of our website, based on Google tools, our pagespeed is very poor, and we are not able to improve it.

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    I would like someone to assist with the HTML of a shopify website- to remove recommendations section and recently viewed

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    We have gotten a fashion ecomm redesign done but we are looking for someone to come in and build it.

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    We have a few small changes to our website that we appear unable to do. I am guessing no more than 1 hrs work. After that we will need further support in the future.

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    ...nice finishing touches for a simple shop I have set up for a coffee roastery. Some nice touches to class up the project, such as: -product titles and abbreviated descriptions on mouseover for a select few products -a dropdown of symbols (to select coffee grind size) as an additional variant Keen to hear some low cost ideas to make ...

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    I have an e-commerce website that is in the process of being designed. However, i am experiencing problems with the web designers - they said it would be a 2 week job and it's been 7 months now! It's nearly finished but there is some fine tuning in terms of layout, adding logos, homepage banners and the images are not diplaying that clearly on some

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    I am looking for 2 seperate Shopify stores The first is to be a shopify store selling A home visit will and power of attorney service to people in scotland and the north of England.......this is to include basic information about why it is so important to have a will and power of attorney in place and that the price includes

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    Hello, I'd like to do the following tasks on my shopify store. 1. Adjust footer: - Social icons, Newsletter and Payment methods must be aligned side by side (image attatched) - Fix responsive aligment (social icons are overlaying neswletter on mobile) - Make social icons stand out a bit more (you can play with colors, sizes, etc.) and fix the

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    Hello, I have an established Shopify website with integrated blog. I am looking for someone to do some design amends to the blog (add categories to the sidebar, another text and image display facility if possible, and a better design on the 'Related Posts' at the bottom of each blog post. I would like to have th...

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    Hi! I want you to assist me in designing my shopify store

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    Hello, I'd like to reorganize my site's footer, so the Social Media icons, Newsletter and Payment methods goes all into the footer area (which I'm currently not having success with)

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    Hi I'd like to create an e-shop with Shopify that is a bit interactive. Where customers can choose to modify 1 product colour and shape and the result is displayed. Also images that can display 2 different pictures when the cursor is on/off the image. regards

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    I want to lunch my speed date site and I need someone to build a website for me . Its just the basic to start with like booking options, calendar, registration for members and things like that. I will include below a few pictures to show what I mean.

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    My shopify theme is sunrise ([login to view URL]) it displays the products in a grid format, I wish to have them in a list style (like amazon for example). looking for a coder/programmer to do this

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    I need a website designed. I am launching a private label business and need a ground up e-commence site built. We will be selling Teas, Healthy powders and spices. So I will need the site designed with that in mind for further products. We currently sell solely on Amazon currently but it is time to expand to our own site. We currently have <...

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