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    ...görsel sıra numarası açılıp kapatılabilmesi Shaifa tema için temiz kod ile yazacak diğer kodları etkilemeyecek şekilde iş yapacak arkadaşlar aramaktayız. ileri seviyede olan arkadaşlara farklı büyük projelerde sunulacaktır. EN: - Image and Ad layout How to show the image and ad section on a single page (visual bottom, top, right, left) ... The area where we can put the ad codes - Inter visual advertisement broadcast on-off - Responsive compatible - Gallery Paging color (Unlimited color) - Compatible with the visual gallery - Visual subtitle to appear or not - Returning to the topic after the last visual transition - Arrow direction can be turned on and off - Visual sequence number can be turned on and off We are looking for friends who will do busi...

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    Youtube İnstagram Facebook Sosyal Medyalarınız İçin Abone Sayınızı Yükselte Bilirim Eğer Sizle Yoğun Bir Kitleye Hitap Etmek İstiyorsanız Bana Yazabilirsiniz

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    We need a 3D intro for our advertisement videos.

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    need google search advertisement

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    @@I looking some person who r advertisement on social media//+++only indian person//++

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    Full Job Description Job Description: Create written content including product listings, advertisement and marketing campaigns, social media content, EDM Create and deliver delightful ideas for promotions Work closely with internal teams and vendors to maintain smooth business workflow Perform ad-hoc marketing tasks and projects as assigned Job Requirements: Any related discipline with more than 1 year relevant working experience Responsible, self-motivated and well disciplined Strong ownership with good execution skills Able to adapt fast-changing ecommerce work attitude Independently and effectively work under daily time constraints Interest in sexual wellness and sex positivity, and promote sex education will be a huge advantage Experience in social media management is a plus E...

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    need to make five advertisement images for a Calculator. I have the 3D model of the product. you only need to do is ,place it in a abstractive educational background and make a interesting advertisement images. I have attached here some examples

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    Trophy icon Billboard advertisement 8 gün left

    This contest will choose multiple winners and designs! dimensions: 8meters width, 4m height. CMYK colors only! For printing We have recently started production, and I want to showcase all our available water bottle items. Items: 330ml (use 500ml but shrink) 500ml (photo available) 1.5L (use 500ml but expand) 5L (photo available) 20L (photo available) 20L with pump (photo available) important additional elements: -top right corner: Our company logo (adam industrie) -the phone number to be placed on the ad, and email. (Put random number and email for now) -arrow pointing to the right, and text saying: "MAINTENANT DISPONIBLE!" Note: we are allowed to add additional 2d figure sticking out of the billboard like image 7 and 8 (if you want)

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    Trophy icon Social Media Template 2 gün left

    Hello together, I need a graphic designer to create a template for Facebook and Instagram post. I would like to be able to customize the template afterwards. The template is used to find new employees via social media (facebook and Instagram). I will provide the logo of the company. It is about a timber construction company (Wanted are roofers and carpe...for Facebook and Instagram post. I would like to be able to customize the template afterwards. The template is used to find new employees via social media (facebook and Instagram). I will provide the logo of the company. It is about a timber construction company (Wanted are roofers and carpenters). Attached you will find the logo of the company and an example of a social media post - job advertisement.

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    I have multiple open tasks on a small sports related website. You may need basic knowledge in: - react - nextjs - mongodb

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    Application 4 gün left

    1. People can make accounts just like Facebook with name, email and phone numbers but phone number is not necessary to sign up 2. My team can publish a post, reel and all and people can see it 3. Multiple people gonna use from my ...all and people can see it 3. Multiple people gonna use from my team so it needs to be accessible for them 4. Customer can see other customer 5. I need you to make a boss account and employee account (A) Boss account needs to have all access including change password of employees account (B) employee account should be able communicate with customer and post videos, advertisement, post, reel and change password of customer’s account Also we be able to delete or edit post or video that customer share and share afet...

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    I need a mobile application for both web based IOS and android app. This app has the below feature with only Arabic interface Dashboard for update the app Client login Dashboard to update News and advertisements Advertisement section Suggestions open a form Requests open a form Complains open a form Contact us open a form Form required user details and send it by email

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    I need a short animation video. No music needed. Is for Facebook Advertisement. - Animated background video. Something about e-mailmarketing. - Fade in logo That's Mail - Fade out logo That's Mail to the corner of the screen - Fade in text Starten met e-mailmarketing? - Fade out text - Fade in text with our USP's: Waarom That's Mail? -> Makkelijk in gebruik -> Onbeperkt mailen -> Lekker veilig en Nederlands (AVG) -> Tegen een heel mooi tarief! - Fade out text - Face in button with text Probeer nu 30 dagen gratis! - Wait for 10 seconds (maybe you can create a movement in de button ; shining?) - Fade out button and background

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    I need a mobile application for both web based IOS and android app. This app has the below feature with only Arabic interface Dashboard for update the app Client login Dashboard to update News and advertisements Advertisement section Suggestions open a form Requests open a form Complains open a form Contact us open a form Form required user details and send it by email

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    Hi, I currently develop a mobile game which is almost completed but I now need support with the following design parts: 1. One new button needs to be created. 2. One screen should be modified to also show the achieved max points. 3. An internal advertisement screen should be created (where you will find out information about why you should by the Premium version of the game). 4. One screen should be modified to include the two booster option you can use. Figma format should be used for the deliverables. The work must be completed at latest on the 26th of November. Best regards, Peter

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    Video joined, attached and uploaded into one file and a library advertisement videos editing and re-editing into new forms

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    Review of Literature 2 gün left

    We do a group project about young unser opinions on Instagram Advertisement based on a existing study about the same topic but just with Facebook Ads -> We just need a 4 pages review of Literatur about this topic with in the same direction as in the Literature Review section here: We need it until Sunday if possible :) Thank you

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    We are an Australian consumer products company operating since 2015. we need a person who creates, runs, and optimizes our advertisement campaigns on Google. we are running google campaigns for now and are looking for a person who can increase our ROI, selected candidate fee will be subject to at least a 40% improvement in numbers, and we will compare results from the previous month.

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    Hi Ahmad I,I am wanting to create an advertisement for two of our products as a package deal. I require an A4 document (pdf etc) 1 page, for digital use. I will also need a copy with no text, just the headings and images to be used for digital use on social media platforms. I have included product brief file, please let me know if you need anything else :) Sarah

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    design a flyer 2 gün left

    Hi, I need to get a (23cm x 16cm) advertisement design ready by tomorrow.

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    I want to promote Perfex CRM But I need a good looking video to use for advertisement

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    Basically I am working on a social media branding project, looking for influencing personality for the advertisement process.

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    Hi Ahmad, I am wanting to create an EDM for one of our package deals, while also comparing it to another product we used to sell. Basically saying our one is better. I have added a file with the product brief and another one with an example of what I would like the layout to look like. If you need anything else please let me know :)

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    I need someone who can make a short video for our social media .

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    There is a problem with my Google AdWords account and I want to fix it.... I have many active ad campaigns in my accou...allegations .. Although I have an effective ad network campaign and I also have an effective video campaign and also the best performing campaign is approved ... but I am interested With a search advertising campaign... even though competitors are using those terms you tried to use Any description that I write is rejected by inviting an unreliable claim. I only wrote my name in the text of the advertisement and it was rejected I think it has an incomprehensible problem so I need someone who is certified to find out the real reason to treat it The person's tasks are to contact support and find out the reason as soon as possible This is my website

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    i want to create an online shop for video games similer to games...etc have payments gateway (payfort - paytab ) track orders system ( shipments tracking ) support system ( whatsapp - ticket - online chat ) online chat gift card system ( can redeem a gift card to have balance and purchase from the site ) points collecting system ( get reward when purchasing and redeem those points for gifts ) sms orders status ratings ( customers can post feedback ) emails advertisement and orders status digital orders - for gift cards will be sent auto after successful payment discount coupon on check out headline ad add to cart pops up an offer ( buy 3 get 1 free game ) social media ( instagram - snapchat - tiktok ) google analyzing snap chat pixel be creative STUDY the project and tell me...

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    Creating a Reel 5 saat left

    the video is an advertisement for cars. the shots are taken and i am looking for someone to put everything together and edit the entire video by adding music, effects ... to make it fit for a reel on social media. I would also like to be part of the process and go back and forth with the editor to get the wanted result. i have posted a video of the wanted final result for reference.

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    We need a video creator to create a 30 seconds advertisement video for us related to Stock Market. You must know the Language Hindi. We are looking for someone who can also feature his/her face and speak out the script which is attached below.

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    I am looking for 3d pictures of a industrial building. The building is not ready and the pictures are to be used to advertise for real-estate agent. I will provide samples for what I am looking for. And 2d architectural drawings for the building. They are quite accurate but needs a little bit of extra windows and details to show the final outcome: Extra row of windows on the end walls. 10 equal size garage sections. 10 large garage doors, 5 on each side. 10 walking through doors with windows on top, 5 on each side with L shaped cover. Mezzanine floor example etc.

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    Animated Video Advertisement For Educational Tablet

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    website demo Bitti left

    shree enterprise is an business enterprises its deal with the multiple things and it also making the headlines for the advertisement of the phones and other things.

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    This project is a screen advertisement on a screen (TV). It must run on a big screen TV. We would like a template of monthly promotions that we can easily customise, in which we can change an image, the text and the date of the promotion (from to). This should be able to be changed by ourselves without special programs. We only have a template for Xmas and would like to make this neutral so that we can use it throughout the year. We need a new logo for it and we need to change it easy by us,.. because changes weekly Deadline: before 1.12.2022

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    ...products. Inform Team Leader about potential/ongoing issues in a timely manner. -Keep records of customer interactions, transactions, and feedback. Give the supervisor report about the clients’ preference and needs. Some of the goods are not sold in a long time (more than 2 weeks), please do remark and inform the supervisor and during working hours 09.00-1700we will have the plan to re-do the advertisement in another way. Check emails regularly if there are new emails and answer the customer's inquiries about the mailing or advertising that was posted on the websites. You should know all the information regarding the offer. Fluent in English both written and speaking. Other languages like French, Arabic and Spanish is a plus If the clients can not speak English, yo...

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    We are hiring competent and reliable personnels to publish posts about our accommodation offers in the United States. Applicants should be well knowledgeable and conversant with the internet and social media advertisement strategies so as to convince buyers and also be able to reach a wider range of audience.

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    We are a startup working in the video game and advertisement industry, we are currently looking for a ongoing contract worker which could turn into full time to help us with optimization adding new features and debugging taking some pressure off our CTO. if you are interested and have experience in C++ please contact me to continue the conversation. skills: fluency in C++ is a must helpful but not nessisary understanding of web GPU Python HTML5 unreal engine

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    Hello, This job is about posting a small advertisement message (with a referral link) to social media, with as minimal campaign as possible. I have a custom referral link for a modern internet browser. The browser is similar to Chrome but is more private, more efficient and has very useful features and it is designed for modern work. I need 20 people to open the link, download the browser, use it and register to create an account. No need for them to pay to purchase the product. In order to do that I need a small marketing campaign. Any place that can help me gather the desired result is fine, e.g. it can be facebook, twitter, linkedIn, forum, or anything else. They just need to sign up using my referral link. I suppose I need just a small number of people to see the link in or...

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    I have recently started a technology consultancy and require general support/advice.

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    Hello! I'm looking for a person that can work on our advertisement for our Dental Clinic. The Ad should be able to be posted in our Facebook and IG with required canvas sizes. Send me your portfolio Sample content Country: UAE Product: SureSmile Aligners Details: Free consultation theme color is in attach Preferably with light and bright ambiance You can add more phrase for more attention. *will be paid by each work

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    We are on the hunt for a Media Buyer with an analytical mindset and someone who thrives on driving client performance forward. We are looking for a candidate with Social Media Advertisement experience that wants to offer their expertise or continue to further strengthen their skillset. If you consider yourself to be passionate about Digital Marketing, let's talk. This position is responsible for the development, implementation, and stewardship of Paid Advertisement and E-mail Marketing Campaigns, ensuring they are executed accurately and efficiently. We solely focus on Facebook/Instagram Ads and E-mail Marketing! To ensure success as a media buyer, you should possess a good understanding of marketing principles and a strong ability interpreting analytics. A top-notch...

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    ATP Science deal 17 saat left

    Hi Ahmad, I am wanting to create an advertisement for four of our products as a deal. “Buy one get one free” I require an A4 document (pdf etc) 1 page, for digital use. We will also be displaying this as signage in our store so will need to be eye-catching. I have added a product brief, let me know if you need anything else :)

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    We are looking for an AMAZING CREATIVE video advertisement for our product Aqua Veggies Super Food's! Included will be : Script and Voice over: 45 seconds As well as the idea for the video itself (times to the voice over). Please see script attached and voice over NOTE - WE ALSO HAVE A 15 SECOND SCRIPT AS WELL FOR ANOTHER VIDEO - WINNER WILL HAVE OPTION TO DO THAT VIDEO AS WELL FOR AN ADDITIONAL COST. INSPIRATION VIDEO: THIS IS OUR FAVORITE INSPATIONAL VIDEO AS FAR AS QUALITY / BRANDING GOES - Use the instructions in the script and inspirational video above but please be creative as we don't want to copy anyone else's idea. Think healthy food with an ocean vibe / animated type style (or similar to what they use in video above). Logo is attached as well

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    Training and recruitment app with course advertisement and jobs advertisement and mock exams Functionality like get licensed Co Uk My budge is low if you can complete the app within g $1000 I will be thankful

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    ...washing service and build balk if customers to keep the company working smoothly. and we are happy to deal with someone who can advice us the better way to achieve the target and the best platform for advertisement. We prefer to have a freelancer who live in United Arab Emirates Requirements and skills - Proven working experience in social media marketing or as a Digital Media Specialist - Excellent consulting, writing, editing (photo/video/text), presentation and communication skills - Demonstrable social networking experience and social analytics tools knowledge - Adequate knowledge of web design, web development, CRO and SEO - Knowledge of online marketing and good understanding of major marketing channels - Positive attitude, detail and customer oriented with goo...

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    Build me an ad Bitti left

    A short(15-30s) montage of Andrew Tate videos and pictures as an advertisement for the sunglasses that he wears.

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    Hi Ahmad, I am wanting to create an advertisement for two of our products as a package deal. I require an A4 document (pdf etc) 1 page, for digital use. I have attached a product brief, let me know if you have any questions or need anything else :)

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    I want you to get clients and offer them a website and advertisement for there business once they resived the product and they are satisfied and I get the money you get your cut and if we give them a contract you get a monthly payment

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    I need a basic animation to use as an advertisement on LinkedIn. It contains 4 slides lasting roughly 3 seconds each slide. However I need a logo/graphic to rotate in the background above all the slides and then come to a stop on the last one. I have all the elements needed (images and vector graphics) but you MUST use Adobe Suite to create this for me, I will explain more later. Please do not respond if you are not a genuine Adobe subscriber. I've created a GIF similar to what I need but it isn't complete (the graphic isn't animated) but it will give you an idea of what I need.

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    Looking for a graphic designer who has a good understanding of the North American taste! You will be helping 3 optometry clinics to create graphics for social media, website, advertisement and other marketing materials. There will be around 45 social media posts on a monthly basis, and other work will be on an ad hoc basis. We would like all designs to be done on Canva. We are also looking to recreate 3 websites on Wix in the next 6 months. If you are familiar with Wix, we would also like to get your help in putting together the design of the 3 websites. Working with the Marketing Manager and Marketing Assistant, you will create graphics according to the taste of each optometrist owners. You will be working in a supportive and fun team which values everyone's expertis...

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    We need short youtube Advertisements / reels for our products (10 Seconds / 30 Seconds & 60 Seconds). Slide Based Advertisements with voiceover in hindi & English. Our Product Segment contains Supplements & Cosmetics.

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    Hi everyone! We at AllUnite need people to do Traffic Counter job part-time. You are to count real-time traffic on a location next to an Advertisement screen – in Mexico City area. Salary USD 10 per hour + compensation for commute to work. Please contact me to confirm you are interested and I’ll share more details. Thank you! -- Hola a todos! En AllUnite necesitamos personas que trabajen en el contador de tráfico a tiempo parcial. Debe contar el tráfico en tiempo real en una ubicación junto a una pantalla de publicidad, en el área de la Ciudad de México. Salario USD 10 por hora + compensación por traslado al trabajo. Envíeme un correo electrónico para confirmar que está interesado y compartiré m&aac...

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