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    hello, check here for all explanation: if you able to fix please let me know.

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    I need somebody to rapidly fix some jquery code. Need to submit some php form data via AJAX using ajaxForm(), but for some reason I'm able to get it working. Very small project, probably only a couple of minutes work for experienced guys ...

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    I have an existing javascript function that handles the serialization and submissions of form of class "AjaxForm" . Multiple forms of this class can exist on a page, which the single function handles. When an individual form is submitted via ajax, the content of the forms (html, fields, inputs) are subject to change. In addition to the fields of the form being submitted, I need to have the ID of a specific child DIV and the submitting Element (ID or Name) included as a parameter in the post. See accompanying HTML/Javascript file and PNG file (diagram).

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    Hi, I am using a jquery form to post data to an ajax page which updates a mysql database. You can see the page here What I need is for the div on the right to be refreshed to display the new data after it has been uploaded to the database. I cal a function on form success but I am just not sure what code i need inside this function. This should be a very easy job for someone who know what they are doing. Thanks Paul Here is the current jQuery code for the form <script type="text/javascript"> // wait for the DOM to be loaded jQuery(document).ready(function() { var options = { success: showResponse }; // bind 'myForm' and provide a simple callback function

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    2 fields aren't processing correctly and the css is wrong in internet explorer, it shows correctly on firefox. This will be used on a wordpress site. Must be done today, I will hire within an hour of posting and expect work to begin right away. I need someone who can work independently. I don't like answering a lot of question...firefox. This will be used on a wordpress site. Must be done today, I will hire within an hour of posting and expect work to begin right away. I need someone who can work independently. I don't like answering a lot of questions or chatting on a messenger. I will zip the file with the form and all the scripts and email it to you. You fix it and send it back. Demo url Tried to post earlier and the programmer I chose disappeared.

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    ...receives the values and generates an image incorporating those value (I have everything working to this point), then the Ajax function displays the "new" dynamic image in the page without refreshing the page. I would prefer not to store the image locally on the server, but instead have the preview image display temporarily in memory. I have the following jQuery code implemented that sends the form data to the PHP script, which generates the dynamic image for preview using a jpeg image stream generated by GD imagejpeg function. I'm also using the jQuery forms plug in for the Ajax form handling. Here is the relevant jQuery code in the head of the document; $(document).ready(function() { ? ? ? ? ? ? ? var options = { ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? target:? ? ? ...

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    I need a jquery guru to fix a bug in an easy (not for me) function I have a form with 2 buttons, if I click on a button will fadeIn the other one, send data via $.post to a php file I use a DOM script but in this way the script change every buttons in the page, not only one I need an external function in order to fix it !!! Below my code ************* Here my form ------------ <form id="add_friend-form-<?php echo $id;?>"> <input type="hidden" id="friend" value="<?php echo $friend_username;?>"> <input type="submit" id="add_friend-<?php echo $id;?>" name="Add Friend" class="add" value="Add Friend" /> ...

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    My ajax/email form doesn't work. I think the problem is the select fields(drop downs). If I remove all of the select fields the labels showing errors that should not show disappear, but the form still doesn't send. Should be easy for an ajax expert. Here is the form with the select fields left in the .js file Here it is after I remove the select fields

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