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    I want to need only RFID reader PCB module with antena. I sent you an some pdf file for my pcb. you have to use MFRC522 NXP IC. You will give to us these pin on the board such as MFRC522 PINS (6 Sleep, 23 IRQ, 24 CS, 29 CLK, 30 MOSI, 31 MISO, VCC, GND ) I sent to Altium pcb file. you can see board dimensions. You can use only this area for pcb designing. You will calculate antena and other components like 0402 or 0603. You know. Best Regards.

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    Merhaba, beş gün içinde üzerinde 40 kadar düşük akım rölesi olacak bir kart tasarlayabilir misiniz? Altium kullanılmalı, 64 pin 16 bit bir mcu freescale, dc/dc dönüştürücüler ve bir rs232 olacak. Tşk

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    proyek nya bisa on game dan aktif semua game panel nexus atau pay4d

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    ...templates and I place premium importance on their redesign. They are primarily designated for user interaction - a cornerstone of my platform. Ideal Candidate: The perfect freelancer for this project would possess a thorough understanding of Smarty templates along with a keen sense of modern design and layout trends. Dive in if you have what it takes to transform an existing Smarty template into a nexus of user engagement. I am interested in seeing any ideas, examples of work, or a prototype of what you can achieve....

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    I'm looking for an experienced PCB designer who's proficient with Altium Designer. The project specifically involves a multilayer PCB design. A strong attention to detail and a good understanding of circuit board layout is crucial for this project. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Altium Designer - Experience with multilayer PCB design with large PCB Boards - Ability to understand and implement complex circuit board layouts - Attention to detail Please provide examples of your previous PCB design work using Altium. A portfolio demonstrating your experience in multilayer PCB design will be highly regarded. This is an LED board which needs layout editing with adding few more components. Please Show your previous work with dense Layout with Noise and Heat Ma...

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    I need an expert Altium PCB designer for a complex prototyping project involving mixed-signal components on a multi-layer board. The right candidate should be able to draft and develop with precision and attention to detail. IDEAL SKILLS: - Extensive experience in Altium software - Dexterity in handling mixed-signal components - Mastery of multi-layered board designs - Familiarity with PCB prototyping processes - Able to handle high-frequency MCU of 480Mhz This project requires someone who thrives in complex PCB designs and can deliver accurate results promptly. I have already designed the schematic, the board shape, and the placement of connectors. I will provide my PCB library for the footprint of all the components used in the project. The PCB will be an 8-layer boar...

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    HV Board 5 gün left

    Make Altium project for HV board

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    I'm looking for an me with a medium-sized, single-layer PCB. The project requires both layout and schematic design. Key Requirements: - Expertise in PCB Design: The ideal candidate should have a strong track record in PCB design, particularly in single-layer designs. Previous experience with medium-sized PCBs would be a plus. - Proficiency in Design Software: Proficiency in popular PCB design software like Altium, Eagle, or KiCad is essential. - Attention to Detail: A keen eye for detail is crucial for this project to ensure the layout and schematic are accurate and optimized. If you're confident in your PCB design skills and believe you can deliver a high-quality, single-layer PCB design, I'd love to hear from you. Please include samples of your previo...

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    I require an experienced PCB design engineer. The project involves designing a PCB, but the specifics of the design (such as the number of l...finalizing these parameters. Your role will be to: - Work with me to determine the type of PCB design (single layer, double layer, multi-layer) - Collaborate on the purpose of the PCB design, whether it's for prototyping, production, or circuit optimization - Help define the specific dimensions and form factor for the PCB Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in PCB design software (e.g. Altium, Eagle, KiCad) - Experience with designing various types of PCBs (single, double, multi-layer) - Strong understanding of circuit optimization and PCB production processes - Ability to work collaboratively and guide the client through the ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced PCB Design Engineer to develop a small, multilayer PCB using Altium Designer. Requirements: - The PCB should be small in size - The design needs to be multilayered - Proficiency with Altium Designer is essential Please note that the project does not involve any other software beside Altium. The project is urgent, so timely completion is a crucial factor. Ideal Skills: - PCB Design with Altium Designer - Experience with small, multilayered PCBs - A track record of delivering projects on time Looking forward to your proposals.

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    ...updates to design files - Assist software (firmware) team in loading/executing firmware (Arduino IDE) - Designing a multi-layer PCB layout that meets the specified criteria - Ensuring that the board is optimized for the intended use as a prototype - Providing necessary documentation for manufacturing and assembly Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in PCB design software (such as Eagle, Altium, KiCad) - Experience with multi-layer board design - Familiarity with microcontrollers, ePaper displays, and power management systems - Strong communication and collaboration skills - Previous experience in prototyping is a must I'm looking forward to collaborating with an experienced and reliable PCB designer who can help me bring this project to life. If interested, I can s...

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    I am personally embarking on my master's project, necessitating an expert in Altium for a basic PCB layout design. While the overall complexity anticipated remains on the basic side with limited components and layers, the designer's prowess in utilizing Altium effectively will be respected and appreciated. Skills and Experience: - Mastery of Altium software - Proven experience in PCB layout design - Affinity for crafting basic designs with few components and layers.

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    I've nearly completed a PCB layout using Altium Designer, but need help finalizing it. Key Requirements: - Adding an "On/Off Button": I need an experienced designer to integrate this feature into the design. This will require a deep understanding of PCB layout and design principles to ensure it's correctly implemented. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Altium Designer: You must have a strong background in using this software to work on the incomplete PCB design. - PCB Design Experience: A solid grasp of PCB design principles and best practices is essential to successfully finish the layout. - Previous Completion Projects: It would be beneficial if you have a track record of completing PCB designs. By taking on this project, you'll be helping me finali...

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    I require the development of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) based on provided schematics and design guidelin. This PCB is specifically designed to amplify signals from a si...specifically designed to amplify signals from a silicon PIN diode used to sense gamma radiation. Top Features: A PIN photodiode, four low-noise op amps and a comparator are used to detect individual photons of gamma radiation. Expertise: - A solid background in PCB design and experience in providing PCB manufacturing data Expected output: • Schematic and Source data in EAGLE or Protel 98/99/SE/Altium/Protel-DXP format. • Extended Gerber File RS-274X. • Bill of Materials (BOM) in Excel format, based on components from Digikey or Mouser. • Pick-N-Place / XY-File. Please share relevant exper...

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    Hello there, I have a working Op Amp circuit that I would like to increase the output Gain from 2 to 4. I have +12v single supply, I have Schematic In Altium. Please Check attachment. Let me know if you can help.

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    I have hosting from wix and website maker too We are Nexus Security, a company specializing in Penetration Testing, Ed-Tech and Ransomware Risk Mitigation and Recovery. I want a website to be highly attractive and catchy. I want a Home page with The CEO-Founder Pic and information, followed by testimonials from various clients. (2) Page for showing our diverse pen testing services. (3) Different page showcasing our our inbuilt premium cyber sec courses and udemy courses from our company. (3) We want a page for other services like webinars, ransomeware risk mitigation and recovery. (4) We want a hiring page for the people who our trying to get our internship. (5) I want a page which i can easily edit to add/remove my team members to show them to audience. (6) All all these pages i wa...

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    I need someone who, based on the attached documents, will prepare full PCB documentation. A simple 2-layer board combined with three simple circuits. I need: - design files (Altium, Pads or Eagle / Fusion360), - CAM files (gerber), - STEP 3D, - exported pdf files of the complete documentation. Assumptions for the project: - 2-layers PCB, - SMD components on top & bottom side, - THT components on top side, - Resistors- SMD 0603, - Ceramic capacitors - SMD 16V, 0603 - preferred / 0805 - if necessary/ 1206 - if necessary, - Electrolytic aluminium capacitor - SMD 16V, - Preferably all SMD components, - Instead of potentiometers, for signal and power connectors - THT 2.54mm screw terminals, - As small, as possible, max. 10cm x 5cm, Source documents: -

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    Objective: To create a PCB layout that is as compact as possible while maintaining functi...Considerations: Implement a ground pour on all layers for EMI and noise reduction, with proper vias stitching. Please consider accessibility for programming the MCU, possibly via a header or through-hole pads. Include test points for all voltages and critical signals. Ensure all components are sourceable (preferably avoid components with known sourcing issues). Deliverables: PCB layout files in Altium format. Gerber files and Excellon drill files ready for PCB fabrication. Assembly drawings and files, including a pick-and-place file. A detailed BOM (Bill of Materials) with manufacturer part numbers and component footprints. Documentation of design considerations and any deviations from the ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to help me integrate CI/CD in a project that is currently using Git for version control and Maven for Java programming. Key Requirements: - Git expertise: Understanding of Git is crucial as it is the current version control system in use. - Jenkins Proficiency: I want to use Jenkins for the CI/CD pipeline, so a good understa...primarily Java-based and uses Maven as the build tool. Experience with Java and Maven are a must. SETTING ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES CHECKOUT > Done BUILD AND TEST > - MAVEN BUILD - Done - UNIT TESTING (JAVA TO TEST THE JAR) - Done - LINE TESTING (JAVASCRIPT TO THE TEST THE LINE COVERAGE) - in Progress - SONAR QUBE REPORT GENERATION - ARCHIVING - Partially Done SONAR QUBE CHECK NEXUS IQ CHECK RPM BUILD PUBLISH ...

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    I am looking for an experienced Electronics Engineer, well-versed in using Altium Designer, for a series of projects that demand proficiency in a wide array of electronics, specifically focusing on Microcontroller integration, PCB layout and USB connectivity. Key Aspects: - PCB Layout design - Microcontroller implementation - USB Connectivity solutions Additional Requirements: - Expertise in Circuit design - Experience in selecting suitable electronic components - Signal analysis knowledge - Ability to conduct thorough testing procedures This project demands an adept understanding of electronic systems and circuitry meant for consumer electronics. Candidates with a solid track record in crafting and refining consumer electronic designs are strongly preferred. Your task will be...

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    I'm looking for an expert Electronic Engineer with abundant experience in Altium PCBA design. The task centers around the creation of a LM51772 Buck-Boost Controller design, adhering to specific requirements. - Output Voltage: Your design must accommodate an output voltage range of 5V - 48V, delivering high efficiency throughout the range. - Maximum Output Current: The design must support a maximum output current of 5A. - PD Type C Output Integration: Complete integration with PD Type C output is a necessity. Ideal candidates should have a sound understanding of power electronics and PCBA design, specifically with Altium. Experience with PD Type C output integration, and broader USB technology is also valuable. To succeed, a strong knowledge base around Buck-B...

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    I'm in need of a talented PCB designer who can assist in creating a simple but effective PCB for a power supply. Key Responsibilities: Need a Small PCB which will contain NodeMCU, 4 Relay, AC to DC 5v. This board is for home automation project which will connect through WIFI,...creating a simple but effective PCB for a power supply. Key Responsibilities: Need a Small PCB which will contain NodeMCU, 4 Relay, AC to DC 5v. This board is for home automation project which will connect through WIFI, RF and control all home appliances. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in PCB design. - Understanding of basic power supply principles. - Proficiency in PCB layout softwares, like Altium or Eagle. This is a straightforward project suitable for a skilled PCB designer looking to take ...

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    TMS320F28335 Bitti left

    Teaching client Altium basic and prepare a schematics of TI TSM320F28335.

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    ...for designing and optimizing printed circuit board layouts for high-power conversion systems ranging from 20kW to 40kW. This role requires expertise in PCB layout design, simulation of power electronics circuits, and compliance with safety standards and regulatory requirements. Job Responsibilities: PCB Layout Design: Create and optimize PCB layouts using industry-standard design software (e.g., Altium Designer, Cadence Allegro) for power conversion systems. Simulation: Conduct simulations using tools like LTspice, PSpice or MATLAB/Simulink to verify the performance of power electronics circuits, including converters and inverters, and optimize designs for efficiency and reliability. High Voltage and High Current Considerations: Ensuring the PCB layout design meets safety standar...

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    Hi Silicon Nexus, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    looking for an experienced Altium pcb designer.

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    I'm looking for a freelancer who can turn a basic schematic into a PCB design. The schematic is quite simple, so the task shouldn't be too complex. Finished project should be ready to send to the PCB manufacturer or ...turn a basic schematic into a PCB design. The schematic is quite simple, so the task shouldn't be too complex. Finished project should be ready to send to the PCB manufacturer or You can work with the manufacturer to get some prototypes made. I have the BOM and a 3D model of the board (39 x 50mm) for where to place the plugs (4 each JST PH) Ideal skills: - Experience with PCB design software (Altium Designer, Eagle, KiCad) - Prior work that demonstrates your proficiency and understanding of basic circuit design Please share your past work with PCB des...

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    I'm looking for an experienced electronics expert to help design a circuit for a cons...creating a complex PCB layout that can accommodate the circuit's requirements. - RF Circuit Design: The circuit will need to include RF components, so experience in this area is essential. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Seeking Electronics Expert with the following skills: Proficient in LTSpice, Multisim, or SPICE. Analog, digital circuit design, power supplies, signal conditioning. Skilled in Altium Designer, Eagle, or KiCad. Knowledge of PCB fabrication processes. Experience integrating optical filters into IR-based devices. Write algorithms for signal processing, and control systems. Microcontroller programming (e.g., Arduino, Raspberry Pi). Design experience with IR-based devices...

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    This project requires a skilled technologist with experience in Altium Designer, PCB layout design, and Gerber file editing. The task at hand is to: - Effectively adjust the component placement on a 4 layer LED PCB board. Our aim is to redefine the components' orientation and placement so as to achieve better display. - While implementing the adjustments, utmost care should be taken to ensure no loss in performance or compromise in thermal management. - The project needs to be completed as soon as possible as we're on a strict timeline. An understanding of LED boards will be beneficial. Ideally, the perfect candidate should have proven expertise in Altium Designer to ensure smooth project execution while considering design constraints.

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    Trophy icon Logo Design - Simple & Modern Bitti left

    KEY FEATURES: - Business name is "nexus" - The logo should be modern and minimalistic. - No particular colour scheme - Convey theme of wifi/camers/networking/internet The business is for installing network cable and providing modern communication solutions. Wifi, and CCTV cameras, mainly targeting residential.

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    Looking for an experienced tutor in IoT hardware design and Altium PCB design to assist me, a beginner, in understanding the basics of these topics. You should have solid background in teaching the following: - Fundamentals of IoT hardware design - Integration of IoT hardware and Altium PCB The ideal tutor would be someone who can provide comprehensive, beginner-friendly, and structured lessons within a 3 months' timeframe. Having a teaching background and the ability to break down complex concepts into simpler learning modules would be of added advantage. Please include your teaching methods and relevant experiences in your proposal.

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    I require the design of a multi-layer Printed Circuit Board...Ability to convert electronic concepts into functional PCBs Ideal candidates will demonstrate: - Prior experience in hobby or personal project PCB designs - Understanding of troubleshooting and refining designs based on feedback Please note, the preferred software for this project is flexible, as it was not specified by me. Therefore, you can apply with your expertise in any of Eagle, KiCad, Altium Designer or your preferred software tool. Your job will entail initial consultation, schematic design, layout and design work, generating manufacturing files, and potentially overseeing the initial production run. You should be able to communicate with clarity and ensure the final circuit functions according to the initia...

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    As the face of TLF Nexus Group, part of TLF solutions group, I'm in need of a professional and corporate logo reflecting our identity. My preference is towards a minimalistic and clean design, aligning with our corporate ethos. Key Requirements: - Incorporate the initials of the company, 'TLF' into the design. - Maintain a professional, corporate vibe. - Design aesthetics should lean towards minimalism and cleanliness. - Logo should convey reliability and innovation. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven track record in logo design, ideally for corporate clients. - Experience with minimalistic designs. - Strong understanding of color theory and branding. - Attention to detail and creativity. I look forward to seeing your innovative solutions.

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    I'm seeking a skilled PCB designer to create a prototype less than 4 square inches in size. The design involves SDRAM connected with STM32H750 MCU alongside an external Quad SPI Flash and a 50 pin TFT interface. Key Aspects: - Using Altium Designer, the selected software for the design - Ensuring prototype is suitable for future development Ideal Skillset: - Proficient in Altium Designer - Understanding of SDRAM, STM32H750 MCU, Quad SPI Flash, and TFT interfaces - Experience in compact PCB design - Strong understanding of prototyping methodologies for electronics Your proposal should include a plan of how you'd approach this task, relevant past experience, and a timeline for completion. Thank you!

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    I require an expert in Altium Designer to create a detailed schematic and footprint of the RV1106G3. This is the specific information necessary: - Comprehensive schematic capture. - Detailed footprint including dimensions (length, width, height). - Accurate pinout configuration and mounting options. An in-depth understanding and experience with Altium Designer and electronic schematic and footprint design is strongly desired. No 3D modeling is needed for this project.

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    ...Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, AI systems and NPC Interaction. The project revolves around the Mantella Mod, focusing on MAKING NPCS ABLE TO INTERACT WITH AI RESPONSES - (AND GET HIGHLY INTELLIGENT RESPONSES FROM AI NPCS AFTER COMMUNICATING THROUGH MICROPHONE.) THERE ARE A FEW VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE, links below. IT'S JUST A LITTLE TOO COMPLICATED FOR ME, MORE INVOLVED THAN MOST NORMAL MODS ON NEXUS. Skills and experience I'm looking for: - Extensive knowledge and experience with Skyrim SE modding - Strong understanding of AI behavior and NPC Interaction Mechanics Here are specific enhancements required: - Improved AI behavior: NPCs should have more realistic behaviors and be adaptable to different

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    As an individual looking to improve an existi...a proficient electronics engineer. Your expertise will be crucial in all aspects ranging from circuit design, PCB layout to firmware development. The specifics of the project involve: - Analyzing and refining the current circuit system - Redesigning the PCB layout for optimized performance - Firmware development for better functionality While you have the liberty to employ any CAD software - Altium Designer, KiCad EDA, Cadence Design Systems, or another of your preference, a strong proficiency and extensive experience in the use of these tools would be ideal. If you're someone who has a deep understanding of electronics, excels in problem-solving, and has a flexible approach to CAD software tools, this project is looking for ...

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    I need a professional to create a simple, single-sided PCB design using Altium Designer. Key Responsibilities: - Creating a single-sided PCB layout - Utilizing Altium Designer to achieve this task Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience with PCB design - Proficiency in using Altium Designer software - Experience with simple circuit design This project requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure the PCB operates as expected. A thorough understanding of low complexity circuit designs is essential.

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    I am looking for a professional freelancer who is familiar with EAGLE because my PCB project was done in it. A minimal redesign on the PCB is needed since the I2C is not working, and it is not possible to perform a Scanner due to poor wiring of the PCB by the previous freelancer. Only professional freelancers should contact me. The new project can also be done in other software like KiCad, Altium, or again in EAGLE. Thank you in advance.

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    As an up-and-coming tech innovator, I need high-level expertise in mixed-signal PCB design. This project isn't for the faint of heart, as it includes: • Designing multiple layers and incorporating high frequency components. Experience in creating complex projects is an absolute necessity. • Using Altium Designer. You must be proficient with this software and can pull off a smooth and successful design execution. Desired skills: • Proficiency in Altium Designer. • Extensive experience in mixed-signal PCB design. • Deep understanding of high-frequency components and multi-layered designs. If you're comfortable with complexity and detail, I'd love to hear about your previous works and successes.

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    Looking for an expert PCB design engineer with proficiency in Altium. The primary objective of this project is to produce a mixed components PCB for prototype testing. The specific skills and experience required include: -Expertise in Altium Designer for PCB layout design. -Familiarity with both digital and analog components. -Strong understanding of mixed-signal PCB designs. -Experience in creating performance-optimized layouts. Your key responsibility will be to ensure excellent performance in the finished design. Please note a compact or easy-for-debugging layout isn't our focus; performance is paramount. Highlight your relevant experiences when bidding.

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    My project requires a proficient individual to create a PCB design using Altium Designer. The task specifically details: - Crafting a moderate complexity circuit, encapsulating 10 to 50 components. - The construction of a double-sided PCB. The ideal candidate should possess: - Proficiency in Altium Designer. - Previous experience with designing circuits of moderate complexity. - Relevant experience in creating double-sided PCBs. Please provide samples of previous works if possible. This will be a great opportunity for those with the right skill set. Looking forward to your responses.

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    I need to develop a module project using Rockchip's RV1126. The SOM module must include: 1GB or 2GB DDR4 RAM, Power supp...test board. The test board should have: Connections for 2 cameras, preferably compatible with camera modules used in ESP32 and Raspberry Pi, with 2 MIPI CSI camera inputs, Ethernet connection, Wifi connection via SDIO, Audio (microphone input), Audio (speaker output, PAM8403), 1 MIPI DSI display, 1 RGB Display connector. Adding to the previous specifications, the project must be delivered using Altium software. Payment will be split into stages, corresponding to the following phases of development: schematic, PCB, and, after manufacturing, testing of the entire system. This payment structure aims to ensure the quality and completion of each crucial phase ...

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    I am looking for a proficient PCB designer who is skilled in using Altium Designer. The task involves crafting an effective, energy-efficient, double-sided PCB. KEY REQUIREMENTS: - Expertise in Altium Designer Software - Experience with double-sided PCBs - Strong emphasis on ensuring energy efficiency Your technical proficiency in these areas will be crucial to the successful realization of my project. Efficiency-conscious design strategies will need to be employed to meet the project's primary focus of energy conservation.

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    As a beginner who's keen to learn Altium PCB board design, I am seeking a tutor who can help me understand and navigate Altium software. While the main focus will be on practical exercises, constructive feedback on my progress is highly appreciated. The tutoring sessions will be 1 hour each. An ideal tutor will have: - Comprehensive knowledge and experience in Altium PCB design - Excellent teaching skills tailored to beginners - Ability to provide practical exercises and meaningful feedback - Flexibility to adjust lessons according to my learning pace.

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    I am seeking an expert in AWS and Nexus Repository to deploy a Nexus Repository on my AWS private subnet. The purpose of this setup is primarily for storing and managing software artifacts. Given the implications of this task, experience with a variety of programming languages is a must. Key Qualifications: - Proficient in AWS - In-depth knowledge of Nexus Repository - AWS VPC, EC2, ACM Completion: This project needs to be completed as soon as possible. Please only respond if you can deliver within a tight timeframe.

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    ...Understand multifactorial and interdisciplinary relations in sustainable environment and nutrition; understand different agri-food systems in Asia and worldwide; address today’s national and global challenges in the environmental and food sectors, critically analyze global food system issues, construct a personal philosophy and framework for alternative solutions to maintain food-environment-health nexus) (250-300 words) 5. Visual Elements: A plan for the visual layout of the individual poster section, including ideas for images, graphs, or diagrams that will effectively illustrate the technology and its development. (50 words) 6. Collaboration Strategy: A brief description of how the individual plans will be integrated into the final group poster, including any proposed ...

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    Convert Altium pcb to eagle pcb with some modification mentioned . And create 2 enclouser

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    I'm in need of an engineer proficient in Altium Designer to update my existing PCB schematic and layout. The primary task is modification of component placement to optimize the design. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong expertise in Altium Designer. - Familiarity with PCB schematic and layout update needs. - Practical knowledge in component placement. Please showcase your previous projects related to PCB design or Altium Designer, if possible. I look forward to your bids.

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