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    1,694 animoto memories iş bulundu, ücretlendirmeleri EUR[login to view URL] but of course using different images from shutter stock. The story is to tell about the danger of water, the damage, loss of money and memories and the chance for peace of mind using the water protection system. The overall design of the website shall follow and develop further the visual brand language of the project

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    ...he peeks and opens one eye Badge Name: Clear Your Mind of Clearing Your Mind S3. Question: Your brain is the only organ that collects information, stores data, and holds memories. Badge: A pretty heart Badge Name: Heartfelt S4. Let Go - mantra-based meditation Badge: Ocean waves Badge Name: Peaceful Current Course 3: EQ - Emotional Intelligence

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    its my daughters 19th birthday on the 17th of July, and we are planning a party, it will be a bit elaborate because she's got a lot to be thankful for, she literally f...fought for her life, we looking for a 4 hour coverage of important moments in the party and a short video of about 1 hour well edited copy of the vent will be put on DVD for memories.

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    Trophy icon Cool Travel Business Name and Logo 4 saat left

    I need a cool catchy travel business name and logo for my new travel business. I help moms, women, leaders, and executives to create and build travel memories by building phenomenal and tailored travel experiences through my travel agency (what you help them to do) so they can be productive, charged, and powerful forces in the workplace and for the

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    36 girdi is jyoti. I met Harry in prince George years ago where he was going to university and I was attending a different college. We became best friends there and made lots of memories from just hanging out playing UFC on PlayStation in my basement to creating a intermural basketball team Calle Lot C. I needs this speech to me about 3 minutes long and need

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    Design a Logo Bitti left

    ...consultancy business that focuses on creating unique homes. The company name will be "Cove" a place people get together, a place of happiness, a place of privacy and where memories are created. Definition of a Cove: A cove is a small type of bay or coastal inlet. Coves usually have narrow, restricted entrances, are often circular or oval, and are

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    My past experience of working as a registered nurse has brought me many lasting memories. Having taken care of patients has reminded me of how important it is to be adequately covered with good medical insurance and sensible financial planning. Because of these experiences, I am now able to offer more holistic life planning advice for my clients.

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    ...experience in Linux Server systems. We are looking for at least 3 years hands-on experience on Linux command line and tech skills to open a system and change motherboards, disks, memories, wiring etc. be able to understand basic things in electronics etc. We are going to train you on our portable servers and we will regularly use your help. English language

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    ...two real people who lived in the 1800s. The challenge is that there is no surviving picture of the persons. So the composite image will be created using descriptions from memories, and images of “similar looking/dressed people”. I have chosen the cross-hash style. Because we don’t know exactly what the real people looked like, this style doesn’t require

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    The boxes we carry are boxes made of four walls. As we locked up in the four walls under a roof with closed doors and locked all our dreams inside, We store all the memories good and bad. We stop and look and stay in locked that stops us being a real me once made free by our creator God. I was design in the image of God, though I was made of dust

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    ...sense of normality among the chaos of arriving in a strange country with just the clothes on their backs. Food and flavours are such an important part of all our lives and memories and with that in mind our idea is to create a book filled with stories tastes and recipes from refugees distant homelands with all proceeds going to help Refugee Support continue

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    I want to get the sketch/painting of the memories ... cartoonist not very real sort of.. just coz I dont have many pictures .. its juts moments in my mind ... they are not very complex.. Coz I want to build a good boy diary for my friend

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    ...coating, and about my 2 year old sons cheeky behaviour and my daughter (she's 5 going on 15) and what its like living in the beautiful country side in Yorkshire sharing our memories with the world. so far there is swearing (us Yorkshire folk tend to have a potty mouth) but I'm happy to use lesser words in replacement if that helps reach a wider audience

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    Tour company called [login to view URL] Tag line "Happy Memories"

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    Basicaly this is about My boyhood, and the memories over the last 90 YES!! 90 YEARS . It is as the title suggests the many facits, expriences, WAR YEARS MEMORIES over my long life so far. Despite my age I have a very long and accurate memory recall. My last 25 years occupation was as a LICENESED LONDON CABBIE & GUIDE, but those stories will

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    I am a quadriplegic and I need someone to paint some memories of my kids when they were younger I had one Artist do a painting

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    I need freelancer who is familiar with differential psychology to help me summarize and explain some content. Topic related Love&prosocial/ personalit...familiar with differential psychology to help me summarize and explain some content. Topic related Love&prosocial/ personality/ personality & anxiety/ intelligence/ spatial memories/ attitude &belief

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    45 teklifler a 72 year old pensioner from New Zealand Many people as they get older look through old photo albums and we use to know WHO THE PEOPLE WERE in them - but over time our memories fade. When you look at an old photo of say - a group of persons - say an old schoolboy Football Team – I cannot remember ALL their names. I have been searching for some

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    ...visit. Other VPNs may do it too. VPNhub does not, end of story! It’s like wherever you browse, we’re the forensic clean-up crew covering your tracks, and then we wipe our own memories too. And not only your browsing, but we’ll mask your true location by routing your data through our full stack of encrypted global servers. * Servers in 60+ Locations Standard

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    ...overall a strategy to help me grow an engaging social media audience. You will need to be great with: - research skills to find and make such short videos (using software like Animoto etc) - even better with words to write a short blurb that contains a quote, some high-level information and a call-to-action - social media savvy with an understanding of the

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    Hello, I am looking to get 2 birthday video's made for my mother's get 2 birthday video's made for my mother's 60th birthday. 1st video: - full compilation of videos and pictures received from family members who share their wishes and memories 2nd video: - shorter with just select moments from the above videos Require delivery by 11th May

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    Web Developer Bitti left

    ...India & creating immersive experiences which help colour your travel. We've conducted 1,500+ experiences across Delhi, Varanasi, Lucknow, Kumbh, and Amritsar & made it to the memories of 7,000+ travelers from 45+ nationalities. We are a team of 15 based out of these cities, with 3 of us in Delhi. You can know more about us here - [login to view URL]

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    Make a Film Bitti left

    ...the following Greek Civil War, to his twenty-something grandson, Perry Giuseppe Rizopoulos, Perry’s philosophical reflections on his grandfather’s stories along with his own memories of growing up in his extended Greek/Italian/American family in the Bronx combine to create an enduring story about the strength created by a tightly-knit family and the powerful

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    ...insightful content, wonderful storytelling, food experience and interaction with locals. 7. He goes back home completely satisfied with the experience, having gathered wonderful memories, and possibly learnt something from the city's culture and its people --- We have created some cartoon illustrations for our website so far - including in our logo. You'll

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    I have a blog where I write my personal stories and memories but I am not getting enough visits..Please help me to rank my blog.

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    Logo design Bitti left

    Re-design for this 2 logo. Color : Black & White 1 designs include 'M.A.P (refer to include '狂音阿雷纳 / Madness arena project ( M.A.P )' (refer attachment for more details) Total 2 logo. About Us: We are music storytellers, music is how we create memories. M.A.P build music concepts to serves a new generation of music lovers

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    A young Girl becomes pregnant and is forced to become a Nun . After many years of exploitation and black mail by the church -her life takes a u turn as - While attending a convention in Vatican Rome - an angle comes in her dream and she hears her inner self that brings the rebel in her out !She has to decide - because it a chance in a lifetime - a paradigm shift - but can she make good her...

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    Hi, I am looking for after effect pro to create family memories scrapbook video, you can use template if you already have, it will be just few hour task for after effect pro to arrange photos and get this done. # Need around 8 to 10 min video. # I will provide all the images. # I will provide text # I will provide background music as well.

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    ...We strive to give you the best from the experience that we have treasured. We do not offer basic itineraries or standard holiday packages; we help you create breathtaking memories and rest assure you that with ClarriGo, you will have the adventure of your life and a bonus of Fun Something For Everyone Whether you are a foodie, a shopaholic, an adventure

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    edit my book Bitti left

    ...beggars avoided Kremenets like the plague, whereas the cries of the careless could be heard for a long time from the prison. Holota shook his head, driving away unpleasant memories, and closed his eyes. With closed eyes he made his way along the road which emerged from an enormous forest and, twisting and turning among multicoloured knolls overgrown

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    We are looking for a creative logo for our Photography business. Our prime business is wedding photography. However, we are venturing in to other kinds of photography to other kinds of photography as well such as product, model, etc. So we need a logo which showcases our business lines as well as our values. Business Name - Bunch of Memories

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    ...extra points. For example, incorporating the segmented display may be useful for displaying scores, etc. You can include the LED lights if you'd like to. Besides the CPU, memories, VGA display driver, and hardware for I/O devices listed above, you do not need to build any other hardware component for the project. That is, everything else is just software

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    My project is to write a book regarding my memories. I am Based at Jakarta Indonesia> Could you recommend me some contacts ?? My Best Regards [Removed by Admin]

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    ...'Invitation' i.e. how the user creates an Invite to allow contributors to add Audio Memories c. The Invitation look and feel, how the Invitation looks to the customer d. The management of Memories - How the customer can add information and decide the order and importance of Memories to make the final video I am happy for the detailed quote to be after we have

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    19 teklifler a group of senior citizens aged 80+ with their blog which they started a few years ago. They write stories of their childhood and younger days. The blog is called 'MEMORIES OF THE WAY WE WERE' - [login to view URL] One of the blog administrators would like to start to watermark their old photos and I thought that a

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    The main goal of the module is to the user pick images from the device gallery and generate a video with the ability to select a list of predefined soundt...user pick images from the device gallery and generate a video with the ability to select a list of predefined soundtracks to play in the background. (Similar to the iPhone Memories presentation).

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    I am a video editor. I can edit enjoable video for your 1. Holidays 2. Intro 3. Some memories 4. For your projects 5. Presentation Or any other you want .

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    Please re-create the attached video without the Animoto watermark

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    Trophy icon Book cover Bitti left

    I seek an artist to draw a book cover for a novel I will soon self-publish. My budget is $100 Book title: Amande-I Line two: The non-fiction memories of an archangel. Line three: by Line four: Jim E Reames. What I want: Picture of a 1968 era Dodge "Superbee" car speeding ahead of a police car on a highway. The police ca (1968 Ford sedan) is

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    ...Arabia’s visitors, especially the pilgrims and visitors of the two holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, through producing Quality, Value for money Souvenirs that will catch their memories. Tithkar & More strategy is in full alignment with the ambitious initiatives of the Kingdom’s vision 2030. VISION (OUR FUTURE) To be the number one Souvenirs and Gifts Company

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    I would like to have a system that has is very user friendly with different portal/sections. Some information based on the software, It will be bas...This software is so that families can work with there budgets, forecast the future, Planning day to day tasks, work hours and events, able to also collect and store there memories of photo of the family.

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    My app idea is 15 pages, consists of a memories database how much would it cost to build?? I have wireframes ..

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    Learning becomes easy when you see it on screen in the form of a video as a live demo video educates people very quickly in comparison to tutorials in ...engaging. Our prime goal is to make a explanatory and Descriptive Product video which is easy to understand, attention-grabbing, key message conveying and long-lasting in the memories of its viewers.

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    ...and lots to prepare for, After all this stress and preparation all that you wish for is this day to be perfect and to have something wonderful to show and to keep as great memories. This is where I come into play! I am offering a full day of Videography and photography from myself and my business partner to help you capture them perfectly moment. We

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    Trophy icon design me a cover Bitti left, something that stands out and catches attention! SECRETS inside, or unlock your wealth, or experience the difference, or dreams do come true, or We help people create memories to last a lifetime. Use new limo pictures Chrysler 300 limos, party buses, Lincoln MKT, Mercedes sprinter, Mercedes s63, limo buses, these are some example vehicles. Weddings

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    My project is a 50th compilation of videos and photos, I would like someone that’s creative and has an eye for making videos for ever lasting memories.

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    I need a talented photograph to make me unique pictures, it's important for me because it's about keeping memories.

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    Are you self-motivated? Do yo...$5 per 500 word article. Your bid must include an appreciation of having researched testimonies of the Mandela Effect on YouTube. Is the "Mandela Effect" simply "false memories" or does it reveal 'alternative realities' or hidden scientific experiments as alleged by some YouTube videographers to manipulate reality?

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    Trophy icon A cartoon Image Bitti left

    ...teaching in a classroom, while two back benchers eat their lunch. Teacher should be shown facing towards the board (away from the students). Purpose of the image is to invoke memories of school days in viewers. Overall image should look clean. Use your judgement on use of gray scales. Our preference is to use dark gray scales only to highlight subjects

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