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    Proje Bazlı Freelance Olarak Solidworks Çizimi Yapabilecek, Tecrübeli. İmalat Resimleri ve Malzeme Listeleri Çıkarabilecek. Tercihen Kimyasal Paslanmaz Tank Ve Karıştırıcı Çizimlerinde Tecrübeli. Tasarlanacak Sistem Hakkında Özellikle Teknik Yeterliliğe Sahip Olmanız Gerekli Değildir. Solidworks Tecrübenizin İleri Düzeyde Olması Yeterlidir.

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    English: must use freeglut library. I have a tank made out of quads that strafes. I need help adding a .raw file to 1 four cornered quad, and 3d collision detection for my one tank object. I have to turn this thing in 12 hours

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    ...experience for this project: - Expertise in septic system design - Familiarity with advanced treatment systems In accordance with the Ontario Building Code and Peterborough County Building Code. (please note, the Peterborough County requirements take priority over Ontario Building Code) Septic system “aerobic”design with the following parameters: 4 bedroom house High water table Septic tank; Roth Multi Tank RMT- 1000E Design septic system Design wastewater field for high water table Prepare Application REFERENCE: Ontario information booklet / Peterborough Public Health Application

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    I would like to make an app or a spreadsheet in Excel to calculate the diameter of the ventilation of stainless steel tanks for sanitary use or food processes. This program must have as input information the volume of the tank, the initial temperature, the final temperature, the time of temperature change, the safety factor, and the air velocity in the pipe, as shown in the image. If it is possible to add more information to the calculation to be more precise I would like it.

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    ...5 ATTACHMENTS  <=== DELIVERABLES - Need ARCH D 24" x 36" file, send complete work in CAD + PDF 1.  Tell me which side of land (Left or Right) is best for the buildings with all necessary setbacks from property line, road, water well and propane tank. ::  if cut and fill is needed, where and how much cut and fill (how many truckloads, how much cubic yard per truckload) 2.  SITE + DISTURBANCE PLAN plan must show: a.  Show ALL land contours with the 3 buildings' placement elevations with Cut and Fill. b.  Water Well and Underground Propane tank locations and distance from Septic Leach fields. c.  ALL distances and dimensions label for buildings, property line and road. d.  Driveway should not be too ...

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    ...distance upstream from the fish so the fly doesn’t bonk him on the head, land behind him or fail to sink deep enough underwater for him to see it; and to dial in the complicating dimension of time, which changes where the flies are (across, up and down) and how fast they are drifting in the current. Try to visualize this as if you are standing with Leonardo watching it happen in his glass-sided tank or as if you are scuba diving near a large trout. The fish is “sitting” two feet deep in three feet of water. The fly, tied onto the leader and tippet three feet behind a floating indicator or bobber, lands on the water and starts to sink. If the fly lands fairly close to the fish, or if the fly is fairly light, or if the current is fairly swift, or some combination ...

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    ...3/5 inches. I am aiming for Ideas for creation of Moving Targets and Static Targets on a wall/ board. Targets can moved via actuators ( linear / rotation motion), incorapate LED's, and have a graphic and can be layered if needed ( background layer 1 , target layer 2, Building layer 3) An example of an idea may be " Have the graphic of a layered wall fall down (layer 2) to show a tank behind that fires with a LED inside its graphic (layer 1 .. the wall/board )" or "Have a graphic of a mortor that can rotate , with a led to show it is firing, possibly have ammo boxs laying around , or even the mortor shoot out and move across the board to land, and a graphic flap could fall to show explosion / creator on impact" Ideas that could...

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    ...Sponge , cat = Confectctionary cat = Ingredients sub cat = Creams, Flavours & Fillings , Sugars & Powders cat = Drum boards & Thin boards sub cat = all sub cat names cat = packing & disposables sub cat = cake boxes , plastic & disposables, Cup Cake Boxes, cupcake-cases cat = party-accessories sub cat = sparkling-fountain-candles, Birthday Candles, Heliumn Balloons, Balloon Accessories, Helium Tank cat = cake-decorations sub cat= Chocolate & Nut Decorations, Silk Flowers, Sugar Decorations cat = food-colouring sub cat =sugarflair-pastel-paste, Sugarflair Spectral Paste, Sugarflair Extra Paste cat = drinks sub cat = Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks cat =edible-printing-supplies cat = Cake Nozzles cat = clearance ...

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    ...indicator light showing the current gear (the speed at which the car is moving). If the car is in the first gear, the indicator light is red; second gear, orange; third gear, purple; fourth gear, blue; fifth gear, green. The current gear indicator should flash from black to the corresponding color. (Get the gear level by calling the method () in the render loop.) Fuel quantity in the tank displayed as a green progress bar that decreases as the fuel level decreases. (Obtain the current fuel amount by calling the method () in the render loop, and the maximum fuel amount by calling ().) Gas pedal progress bar. When the user presses the 'g' key, the progress bar gradually increases. (This should not affect the actual speed of the car but should be

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    ...under-stairs area. I am looking for drawing completed in an app where I can log in, export and edit. Could be Fluidray, RoomSketcher, SketchUp, Planner 5D, SmartDraw or any other similar app I can log into myself. The total width is 477cm, so I have imagined 6 doors like this from the very right going left; - On the right side it is full height and space for washing clothes, as well as the hot water tank. In this cabinet we want a double door and a smart solution for drying clothes. As well as a high top shelf, but really utilising of the space to fold and dry clothes in a smart way. - To the left of the washing clothes comes a narrower space which can be used to tall items like the hoover etc in one door. This door have to open from left side because of a drop in the roof - To...

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    ...the company's focus area. **Employment Type:** Part-time and full-time positions are available. During the probation period, payment is based on the quantity of work produced. After formal employment, a basic salary plus bonuses are provided. **Qualifications and Experience:** - Relevant understanding and work experience in defense or security matters are preferred. - Prior experience in a think tank or government role is advantageous. **Application Process:** - Job seekers are required to submit their resumes. No preliminary research results are needed during the application process. **Salary Structure:** - The Salary During the probation period can be discussed face to face. **Additional Information:** - Final salary discussions occur after employment. - Exceptional ...

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    ...water heat pump system with a heating capacity between 10kW and 20kW. This system will be primarily used in residential settings and operate on renewable energy sourced from solar, wind, or other sources. This project is especially suited to skilled designers who have experience in designing heat pump systems to meet residential needs while using renewable energy. The system will require a buffer tank which will be used to store heat energy and potentially act as a heat battery. The house is large with the current system being 3 separate hot water tanks, with electric elements. The new system will have a large heat pump as the primary heat source with electric elements as a backup for high hot water usage times. If you are up for the challenge, I look forward to discussing the p...

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    ...and I have specific requirements for the project. It is such an urgent matter that it needs to be completed within a week’s time. If you are an expert in these fields and are confident that you can meet the deadline, please let me know. I'm excited to see what you and your team of engineers can do. Homework for building services lecture. Draft design of fire service such as Fire sprinkler, water tank, main pipe routing, Hydrant and hose reel for an 25 Level commercial building according to my example. Cad design only. 2. state the objectives of the conceptual design report; 3. identify and use various codes, regulations, standards and guidelines for the building services system design; 4. prepare tables showing the design criteria of different building services syst...

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    28 teklifler labels shown. System 3000 is a physical product, not a software interface, a picture on a word document will be provided. Then after all the white is covered by silver, I need the customers (CHW Inc.) logo put on the dump tank. There are several versions of CHW Inc. available on google images. This is a custom project, so creativity and attention to detail are very important. The final delivery to me would be a simple picture where all the white parts (including wheel hubs) are change to Iconic Silver color and then put the CHW Inc. logo on the dump tank over the new Silver. I am trying to sell these folks one of my trucks/systems. The owner will be approached on Monday to secure funding and approval, and I am told the owner is a very visual guy and loves his fl...

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    I am looking for someone to create detailed drawings for a Ground Storage Tank using AutoCAD. I have exact measurements and design specifications for the tank, so accuracy is extremely important. The tank must also be in full compliance with AWWA regulations. The successful candidate will have extensive experience in AutoCAD and AWWA regulations. I'm looking for someone who takes pride in their work and is willing to meet tight deadlines. If you think you are the right person for the job, then please apply.

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    Welcome! I'm looking for a creative designer to help bring my sportswear brand to life. The primary color scheme I'm looking for is black and white woth accents of yellow. I have a rough idea for a logo but need assistance refining it to make it the perfect fit. I am looking for designs that will cover a variety of shirts, including t-shirts, tank tops, and long-sleeved shirts. I will further be interest in shorts as well. Ideally, I'm looking for a designer who has a strong understanding of color and typography and who has expertise in designing for screen printing. The designer must have strong design principles and the ability to take my vision and transform it into reality. This could be a great opportunity to showcase your talent and help make my clothing li...

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    Welcome! I'm looking for a creative designer to help bring my sportswear brand to life. The primary color scheme I'm looking for is black and white woth accents of yellow. I have a rough idea for a logo but need assistance refining it to make it the perfect fit. I am looking for designs that will cover a variety of shirts, including t-shirts, tank tops, and long-sleeved shirts. I will further be interest in shorts as well. Ideally, I'm looking for a designer who has a strong understanding of color and typography and who has expertise in designing for screen printing. The designer must have strong design principles and the ability to take my vision and transform it into reality. This could be a great opportunity to showcase your talent and help make my clothing li...

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    ...old fasioned look. Words in the sticker must be VX2000 Heritage Edition (with the Vortec logo incorporated in it). Sticker must be sandy taupe and include a bit of our orange colour. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Photoshop - Experience with editing photos and adding stickers - Attention to detail - Ability to follow specific instructions Re coloring of The machine: - Recolour the tank to white. - Recolour the chassis to a sandy taupe - Recolour tool box to sandy taupe with a silver lid. Placement of the stickers: - I would like the current stickers left where they are & the attached heritage sticker placed on the bottom corner of the tool box. Number of stickers: - I would like 1-3 stickers to be photoshopped onto the photo. Files that need to be provi...

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    Project Title: Wireless Water Tank Alarm System I am looking for a skilled professional to develop a wireless water tank alarm system with specific requirements and features. The system should be able to show the water level and announce when the tank is full for a duration of 2 to 4 minutes. Design and Appearance: - Specific design requirements are provided and must be followed. Operational Environment: - The system should be suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Features: - Water level indication - Full tank alarm Additional Requirements: - The system should have a wireless range of 1 km. - No programming or IC involvement is allowed for this project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing and developing wireless alarm syste...

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    I am looking for an experienced artist to custom airbrush designs on my motorcycle tank. I have a specific theme in mind and the color scheme should be multicolored. I am open to any creative ideas that the artist has in order to make this look unique. Please get in touch if this is something you an do! Thanks, Tanya

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    I am looking for an AutoCAD expert to assist me with a 2D AS BUILT FOR DRAINAGE LAYOUT. Total number of Manhols are 10 with One holding tank Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AutoCAD for 2D drafting - Experience in working on site plan designs - Ability to accurately follow an exact design provided by me Project Details: - The project involves creating detailed 2D drafts for a service site plan - I have an exact design that needs to be followed - The deadline for this project is 24 hours If you have the necessary skills and experience, please reach out to me. Thank you.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a basic mixing tank visual animation for educational/instructional purposes. The animation should showcase some minor functions of the mixing tank. Such as a motor on top and show the impellers spinning, it should be a blend of the 2 photos i provided. It would be bonus points if the logo attached was visible on the tank. Skills/Experience needed: - Strong animation skills - Proficiency in creating educational/instructional animations - Ability to showcase minor functions of the mixing tank effectively Preferred format for the final animation is GIF.

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    House Layout Bitti left

    Project Description for House Design Plot size: 27*66 sq ft (Site Location Ropar, Punjab) Requirements: Ground floor: 2 rooms 1 kitchen 1 hall (with space for dining table) 2 bathrooms 1 car park space 3 bike parking space area Backside washing area Underground water tank 1st floor: 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms with western style wardrobe space 1 study room or puja room Some open space if possible Other considerations: The house should be well-ventilated and have plenty of natural light. The layout should be efficient and functional, with minimal wasted space. The design should be aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the surrounding neighbourhood. Minimum deliverables will be required from the designer: Architectural drawings: This will include floor plans, elevations, and sec...

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    I'm looking for an artist to create an eye-catching, 16x20 inch framed picture for a special occasion. The picture should feature a combination of a Marine Corps C-130 aircraft with Thomas Tank Engine face, from a front angle (somewhere around 20-45 degrees off). It should be colored rather than black and white. I'm open to the artist's interpretation and would love to see any additional elements or details they could include. This is a unique Christmas present for our son, a Marine Corps newly-winged pilot and I'm excited to see what kinds of creative ideas the artist can come up with.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a fabrication drawing for an MS structure, which will be used for a water tank. The height of the structure will be 16 meters, and I have a proposal drawing ready. I have detailed specifications which need to be taken into account for the fabrication drawing, and I need the project completed within 4 days. I'm looking for someone with experience in this field, who is committed to providing high quality results.

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    I’m looking for an experienced designer to help me make my logo for stickers, hoodies and hats. The picture gave us a crude representation of what I would like the hoodie logo to be. The logo for the hat and stickers I would like to be just the tank without the surrounding text.

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    ...Pew), government reports (e.g. FBI’s Unified Crime Report), primary historical documentation (e.g. archival footage of a political leader explaining their own reasoning), and some industry whitepapers (if reputable and methodologically transparent.) (3.2) $.15 per word, up to $30 total, for summaries of secondary and interpreted sources such as: broadcast journalism (e.g. NBC, CBS, ABC) and think tank analyses (e.g. CAP, CATO, etc.) (3.3) $.10 per word, up to $20 total, for opinion editorials, if and only if written by an expert on the monthly topic (e.g. a PhD in economics opining on housing prices). ...

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    I am looking for someone in China who can make tech packs for my designs which includes oversize tops (t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies) and oversize bottoms (shorts, skirts, dropcrotch pants) and need assistance in bringing my vision to life. As such, I need a talented, creative designer who has a great eye for details, excellent technical knowledge of the fashion industry, as well as a strong command over the design process to create a tech pack. The dimensions and sizing will be custom sizes. With their help, I am confident that we can create something truly remarkable. Let's begin this journey together and create something unique.

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    I am looking for a skilled professional to draw up a sheet metal wash bay that sits on top of my existing tank. Design: - I have a specific design in mind that I would like to be implemented. Materials: - The wash bay should be constructed using 1.2mm mild steel. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in sheet metal fabrication - Proficiency in CAD software - Knowledge of metalworking techniques - Attention to detail - Ability to bring a specific design concept to life Use this picture as a guide. I only need the splash back not the tank. I’ll fit the splash back to my tank. Please provide examples of previous projects and a rough estimate of the timeline and cost for completing this project.

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    I am looking for an expert freelancer who can develop an Arduino and PHP code for a tank level indicator on my website. Purpose: - The main purpose of this tank level indicator is to monitor water levels on a website. I have an ultrasonic sensor, arduino nano and esp8266 that i will need schematic for. I need those to communicate with a webpage to let me know the tank level. I need the arduino code for the arduino IDE and the code for website etc. I also need the webpage to show a tank with water level in it. I know a little php so I would rather you use php so that I can edit it if need be. I need this done asap, do not even reply or bid if you cannot get started right away. Also give real time as far as how long to get done, or it will not be looked at. Re...

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    ...the landscape. The property size is 4 acres. I have an existing house and shed design (see plans provided), and I am about to sign a contract with the builder. They have proposed a layout for the block. My concern is that the proposed layout does not take full advantage of the geography and the house's design for passive solar performance. Other features I have in mind are the driveway, water tank next to the shed, vegetable garden, and a pond. I prefer a simple, rustic style for the landscape design, which must be low maintenance and incorporate existing vegetation. Photos and details of the property can be viewed here: Important: The site plan shows the house facing South-West, and I am concerned that this will not

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    Trophy icon Podcast cover art Bitti left

    Create cover art for a podcast named: You Want Me To Do What?! Post Cast info: Podcast genre category : Health & wellness Summary: A light hearted but informative exchange between a millennial train...artwork/image by hosts: * cover art MUST include the word PODCAST * Cartoon or caricature images of host Karen & Cooper. * We’d like to see a podcast microphone in the image or headsets on us or maybe both * image should be in color * Karen’s image request - please make me look pretty, my expression should be excited but certainly a bit nervous. Maybe have AARP written across my tank top? * Cooper’s image request , positive/ upbeat happy ,muscular / fit just like in his pics also please include a couple arm tattoos. See attac...

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    Project Description: • I am looking for a freela...material for this project is aluminum. • The complexity level of the project design is intermediate. • No specific finishing is required for the sheet metal. • The ideal freelancer should have expertise in Fusion 360 and sheet metal CNC. • They should be able to work with aluminum materials and handle intermediate level designs. • Knowledge of various finishing techniques such as powder coating and anodizing is a plus, although not required for this particular project. • The freelancer should be detail-oriented, skilled in 3D modeling, and capable of producing accurate and precise CNC designs. • Good communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively are also important for the su...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can of what they look like. For each person I have also uploaded a picture that shows the clothes and poses that they should have. All hair and skin tones of the real friend and the clothes, poses, and muscles of the character. Other Notes: Player 4 - Farley: Please include the 2 pokemon in the character pic Player 5 - Nick: Please have him wearing a new york mets jersey instead of the white tank top Player 6 - Ismail: The character photo only shows the top half. I would like a full body pic like everybody else. Pricing: This is negotiable but I'd like setup the payments so you get paid after each individual character is completed and then another payment when the background is complete then the final payment when its all...

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    1 tank top, 1 leggings, and 1 shorts. Specifications, Tank top: like the reference photo Leggings: high-waisted with no front seam Shorts: length ends just above the knee cap Notes: Supportive gusset with no front seam. Leg seams inside the leg. Fabric that favours breathability so that underwear is not visible. Other information is in the chat. Tag: Tech pack, fashion design, pattern making

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    ...Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in machining aluminum parts with a tolerance of +/- 0.005 inch - Proficiency in CAD design to finalize the sketch and create a detailed design - Ideally the design would be completed in Solidworks or Fusion 360 - Must have knowledge in the CNC processes so that parts are designed for efficient manufacturing - Knowledge of anodizing process for aluminum parts and taking into account anodizing thickness If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal. The deliverables will be: - 3D rendering of the parts - 3D blowup drawing file with parts list - Isometric drawings for each of the two parts designed (top and bottom parts) - Drawing files to include company layout template (to be provided) - All raw des...

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    I am looking for a skilled AutoCAD designer to create a house site plan for me. I will provide you with the basic drawing and details that you will need to complete the project. The job is to produce a site plan for lot 3B showing the building to scale with septic tank and soakaway. Desired scale: 1:500 Specific details to be included in the site plan: The building with 8 ft setbacks Mains water supply lines Waste water lines Access road (along the boundary with the mains water line Deadline for the project: Within a week Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in AutoCAD - Knowledge of site planning and design - Attention to detail - Ability to work within tight deadlines The Roof and floor plan for the building are provided. The Sample Site Plan is what i...

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    My project is to redesign my food ...Lauduree Paris. The second is through China. I want sketches, 2D and 3D drawings so that a fabricator could use create to create one. Keep in mind this will be dessert cart carrying a cold display for macarons and gelato, a small commercial counter top barista coffee maker. A under counter freezer or a tall upright glass display freezer. Hand washing sink with clean and 10-30 liter dirt water tank. Proper plumbing and electrical fittings. Mostly glass on the up position of the cart with hidden under the counter storage spaces A small but hidden AC unit attached to the back of the cart. Must have a door for security . 4 Large wheels that looks a horse carriage. The theme is to create a Cinderella like atmosphere. Chic and elegant is a...

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    Business logo Bitti left

    Grain silo water tank builders

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    hi! i am wanting you to tell me the next best photo editing freelance website aside from any that charge hourly i want flat rate quotes right away and people to hire that are really good at making flawless beautiful photo headshots for buisness, manipulation of background and editing or blurring tank top lines and raising a shirt to not show too much chest area can u please tell me the website where i can hire someone to do one photo and also the links NO FIVERR, UPWORK OR WEBSITE I NEED OTHER ONES WITH A FLAT HIRE RATE EX: $100 FOR FLAWLESS PHOTO AND MANIPULATION

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    Hi Neeraj D., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    ...for the venting of ullage contents from a partially full propellant tank, in microgravity, with minimal loss of propellant. This ullage venting solution would help allow the adjustment of pressure in the receiving tank prior to, during, and/or after the liquid propellant transfer.   This Challenge is seeking solutions to propellant tank venting in micro-gravity with minimal loss of propellant. Although all concepts will be considered, solutions that are external to the propellant tank are preferred as they could use existing (heritage) propellant tanks and avoid development costs related to designing and qualifying a new (or modified) tank.   If you can solve this Challenge, submit a complete concept design of your tank ven...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to write code for an Arduino project I am working on. I need a coding solution that will allow me to measure the level of a tank using a pressure sensor. The updates needs to be sent to a MySQL database in real-time. That way, I can keep track of the tank level quickly and accurately. The board is a arduino uno with a botletics sim7000e shield for network and gps connectivity. Along with tank level it will also need to transmit gps location too

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    I am looking for a skilled PLC programmer and SCADA system expert to help me automate my hydroponic garden. Desired Outcome: - Blueprint and list of equipment required (Already have an older version scada32plc ) but im open to ideas - Automate plant watering and nutrient distribution to ensure optimum growth and yield - track plant growth and water usage...automation system Scale of the Garden: - The hydroponic garden is large, with up to 1300 plants/system Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in PLC programming and SCADA system design - Experience in hydroponic gardening and automation - Knowledge of plant nutrient requirements and irrigation systems - Ability to analyze and interpret plant growth data for optimization purposes use word Tank so i know you read req...

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    I do have 3 matlab Models which need to be combined into 2 in order to run a simulation according to a paper for validation. The models of simscape need to be transformed to run a simulink model and extended with a hydrolizer to measure the amount of produced hydroge...produced models and blocks are existing but need to be merged to allow a simulation. The second model is an existing fuel cell model which needs to be modified to operate 24h instead of couple of seconds. The target here is the measure the mandatory hydrogen mass. In a third step both models need to be compared to calculate a sufficient hydrogen level. The both models are connected by a tank to buffer a hydrogen fill level I am looking for a matlab expert with electrical engineering expertise to do this job.

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    ...treatments. Depending on the PH balance, a preparatory rinse may be administered. **2. Comprehensive Vacuuming:** - Each room undergoes at least two thorough vacuum passes. Considering that 80% of dirt in carpets is insoluble, this step is vital. **3. Targeted Spot Treatment:** - We identify and pre-treat specific stains to ensure they're effectively addressed during cleaning. **4. Advanced Pre-Spray:** - Our exclusive pre-spray formula enhances both the visual appeal and freshness of your carpet. **5. Intensive Agitation:** - With cutting-edge machinery, we lift and break up embedded soil to prepare for extraction. - Remarkably, the importance of these first five steps is often overlooked by others in our industry. **6. Deep Extract & Rinse:** - Our hot...

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    I am looking for an experienced designer to create a mechanical switch for a small water tank. The switch will be used to control the water flow, and must be designed to fit a tank of less than 100 gallons. The switch should be made from plastic to ensure maximum durability and reliability. The ideal designer should have experience in designing similar mechanical switches for water tanks, as accuracy and precision are paramount for this project. Furthermore, the switch should be built in accordance with all relevant industry standards. If the designer has any suggestions as to how to improve the design, I am open to hearing them. The project should be completed as soon as possible. If you believe that you are the right person for this job, please provide me with your port...

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