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    solidworks üzerinde kalça protezi tasarladım. ancak tasarladığım kalça protezinin tez ödevi gereği ansys üzerinden çalışma yapılmasını istiyorum.

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    Ölçüleri ve özellikleri belli iki metal plakanın kondaksiyon ile aralarında oluşan ısı transferi ve sıcaklık dağılımının simüle edilmesi ve analizi. Bir plaka soğuk (20-25C) diğeri ise prizmatik batarya yüzeyi(45-60) soğuk plaka içerisinde soğutma kanalları bulunurak bu kanallar sayesinde plakayı daha sonrada plaka batarya yüzeyini soğutmalıdır.

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    Ansys apdl code 6 gün left

    my goal is to develop the ansys apdl code for laser melting. my budget is 30 USD. and deadline is 2 days. please develop apdl code to implement the attached file. please start bidding with "APDL"

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    Looking for help building tableau dashboards. I will have all data and metrics into tableau. Need to do heat map of Year over Year compares of several different metrics Want to hire hourly and you to walk me through how to do it over screen share. Need to happen US time (can be morning or evening)

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    I need someone to do analysis for composite material based cylinder which dimensions would be given. Please bid only experienced personnel

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    Hello, My name is Silvia and I'm a researcher and I'm looking to collect some data from the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] website. It's basically a web scraping project but I would also like to have an accessible dataset to work with if the data cannot be extracted in a usable format. I need to extract multiple information from the website, but...

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    i nee d experienced freelancer to work for me to analyse composite materiel . cylinder dimensions would be. and other data would be given upon request.

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    step 1: Fit and transform the data (normalise) step 2: perform various feature selection techniques (Chi-Square, recursive feature elimination, Lasso) step 3: apply the following ML techniques to the dataset 1. A 5 or 10 fold cross-validation to solve overfitting. 2. Multi-class logistic regression 3. Decision Tree 4. Random forest 5. KNN 6. SVM 7. Naive Bayes 8. Neural Network 9. Adaboost 10....

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my online store. For exchanger website

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    Hi I need an ansys assignment need to be done by using forte in ansys of 4 cylinder combustion

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    Hi I have an ansys project need to complete within 4 days it’s about combustion of 4 cylinder. It need to be done by using forte

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    Hi i need an ansys assignment by using forte it’s about combustion chamber of 4 cylinder

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    Hi need an ansys assignment need to do it with ansys forte is there any chance u can do it

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    Hi need to do an project or assignment by using forte in ansys with PDF report

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    Hi need an help with assignment Ansys by using forte

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    Need an assignment Ansys project need to know forte

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    Ansys forte 4 gün left

    Need an ansys forte problem solving about an engine

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    I would like to draw using (Ansys only) The drawing are three *taper coils (i.e different width) of the following topologies: circular , square and hexagonal, by using workbench ansys software. Regarding the dimension we can discuss that late, but the most important thing is to draw the coil with different width (i.e the first turn is thinner than the second is a bit thicker than the first turn...

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    ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) • Objective : The objective of this solution is to identify all the risks applicable to the organisation. The framework will assist the Risk Team to allocate mitigation plans and monitor the mitigation of risks. • Target Audience: Risk Management Team, Chief Risk Officer, CFO, VP Finance, Finance Head • Estimated users : Chief Risk Officer (Central...

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    I’m on a mission to get my clothing line up n running my logo has a lot goin on but everything has it meaning right now I’m working with heat press so I would love tha best visual graphic n detail yu can [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] First One In Image

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    FEA in ansys software 3 gün left

    Bidder shall confirm compliance to nozzle local load analysis as per WRC 107/297. In case geometry cannot be analyzed by WRC calculations, then the same shall be analyzed by using FEA. Refer Attachment-1 for Preliminary nozzle loads for nozzles T1 and T2. For remaining Shell side and tube side nozzles, nozzle loads shall be as per specification 41700-10B12.3. Further, change in nozzle loads, i...

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    Using available demographic, income, geographic, market analysis, population density, traffic counts and competitor business locations, and whichever additional data that may help the decision making process, create a GIS heat map displaying the top potential locations for certain business type (example coffee shops) within a small metro area of ~500k people. If you have any experience doing a si...

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    Ansys fluent 2 gün left

    Pressure contour Magnified pressure contour Pressure contour after creating a point Contour plot for mach number Contour plot of velocity Plot of velocity vector For each angle of attack 4, 0, and -4 Velocity magnitude history Drag coefficient convergence history Lift coefficient convergence history Moment coefficient convergence history One plot for the the 3 angles of attack With ...

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    j have a task to be done in Solidworks and analysed in ansys. the 3d model is to be built and analysis is to be performed and report is to be generated. I want 3d model file dead line is 15 nov I have four such projects so those who are interested please contact fast.

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    I have different aircraft design models need to be checked for turbulence, lift and drag by using ANSYS software.

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    APDL-Ansys SIMULATION 1 gün left

    I have a finished Simmultion. But in order to reduce the time of calculating I want to apply the cyclic symmetry to the cylinder. I don't know if that's possible for LS-Dyna Analysis. Because the Cylinder rotates and the nodes have not every Iteration the same Position. and I want to calculate the contact-surface for every Iteration. I Search an APDL Expert.

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    Determine the nodal deflections at the load application point, the reaction forces at supports and the maximum axial stress for the aluminum truss system shown below using ANSYS. Also provide a contour plot of the axial stress on the deformed shape of the entire structure. Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio for aluminum are E = 70 GPa and  = 0.3; cross sectional area of trusses A = 3...

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    Help me to develop my understanding and hands on experience in electric motor design. The topics I would like to learn are: 1. Electromagnetic analysis of motors 2. Thermal analysis of e-motors 3. Analysis and validation of designs with Finite Element Analysis calculations in both 2D and 3D 4. Characterize machine performance for basic sizing and performance estimations using analytical tools W...

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    I had a 20' x 30' stained and stamped concrete pad poured behind my ranch house. I want to cover it. It is 30' wide extends 20' from the house. I want to put a gable roof extending from my current roof. I will get 30' trusses with 2ft overhangs. I might have them made with a frayed or vaulted ceiling. I need help with ideas for the support columns and beams. This is only a...

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    Electrical Engineering: Create Panel Schedule, Multi-line Diagram, Calculate Wire Size, Lighting Plan on UPS backup, and Size Generator/Power supply. Facility size: 53’ X 8’-2” Estimated Maximum Power Demand: 130KVA The facility has several major pieces of equipment and the current equipment/device list is as follows: Description Volts Amps Phase Hrz Connection Exhaust Fans 120...

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    Need Ansys Tutor Bitiyor left

    Need Ansys Tutor for Western Mumbai Location . Tutor will be working for 1 week ,8 hrs /day

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    Heat exchanger report and ‏ Calculation

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    Hi , since you’re chemical engineering I believe you can do an assignment report about heat exchanger

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    JustHanging Ltd. are an Engineering company specialising in the design and manufacture of brackets. Their most popular design is the SupportMaster2000 (illustrated below), although a potential customer has enquired about the possibility of purchasing a slightly different bracket (called the SupportMaster3000). SupportMaster2000 JustHanging Ltd need to determine if the deflection and stress gener...

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    I need CFD simulations on a project. The project is similar to the attached article. Please look at the CFD portion and see if you can do something similar. The simulation would need to be on ANSYS and it is a Laminar two phase flow. Two liquids are to collide and look at the behavior of the fluids. A video is included for visualization.

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    Hi Indika A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. In program after pressing button , the arduino should start the heat with (0-5) or (4-20 ma) OUTPUT to power controller where heating starts , the arudino should check how many amps its drawing (1-3 wires) need 2 amps meters and record it with temperature (2- (pt 100) sesors ,) if any no current is sensing it sh...

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    Must include the base information (listed at bottom) I need part of the text to be compelling - to draw the reader in as to WHY they need/should buy the product. Make it engaging. (The products, in this case, are WIGS). Maybe talk about how wearing a wig can save your hair from damage when styling/coloring, providing hair with a break giving it the chance to grow???? Needs to be 300-400 words. K...

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    I will post a full description of the project. further information can be provided.

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    I'm looking for an expert developer to create a robot for crypto trading, arbitrage and leverage trading. Has to have a working profitable algo for trading. Programmer must know crypto trading and know how to make money with a bot via bollinger bands, rsi, etc. This bot has to be simple to use for consumer and needs license keys setup so I can resell the bot. The bot will be stored on consum...

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    2500 words Nov 3 deadline required to discuss effective strategies to reduce the health impacts for one selected type of disaster (storm / heatwave). To complete this work, need to analyze the impacts of storm/ heat waves on human health and consequential global health challenges, and demonstrate their understanding of concepts relevant to disaster, global health, and sustainable development. ...

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    We are a small town restaurant delivery service (think Favor, UberEats, Grubhub, etc.) and frankly we suck at keeping a regular posting schedule on Facebook. What we need a is a 30 unique posts (text only) that we can fill in to promote our restaurants or business as a whole. We would space these out over a few months. Creativity is 100% encouraged, like I said we suck, but here are examples of t...

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    Overview Terra Scout is an IoT "brain" for e-scooters that includes an Advanced Rider-Assistance System (ARAS). The ARAS provides the ability to prevent sidewalk riding, validate parking, detect falls, and precisely track. The unit incorporates a rich sensor suite powered by powerful edge computing. This version is a quick-turn prototype intended for feature demonstration and mark...

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    I need a consultation on a Matlab code linking to ANSYS

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    Build Heat maps from number data

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    Need the logo I made turned into a heat transfer I can put on a front of a shirt and possibly back of shirt

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    It is a CFD based project in which you need to do some calculations and also need to use ANSYS software for further inspection.

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    Hi Sajjad, I need a consultation on a project involving ANSYS simulation and MATLAB algorithm.

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