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    solidworks üzerinde kalça protezi tasarladım. ancak tasarladığım kalça protezinin tez ödevi gereği ansys üzerinden çalışma yapılmasını istiyorum.

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    Merhaba, System Simulation dersi için bir projem var ve yeterli zamanım olmadığı için yardım almam gerekiyor. Geri dönüş yaparsanız detayları yollayabilirim.

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    Ölçüleri ve özellikleri belli iki metal plakanın kondaksiyon ile aralarında oluşan ısı transferi ve sıcaklık dağılımının simüle edilmesi ve analizi. Bir plaka soğuk (20-25C) diğeri ise prizmatik batarya yüzeyi(45-60) soğuk plaka içerisinde soğutma kanalları bulunurak bu kanallar sayesinde plakayı daha sonrada plaka batarya yüzeyini soğutmalıdır.

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    Merhaba, ns3 ile LTE veya Wimax için kuyruk yönetim algoritmalarının analizlerinin yapılmasını istiyorum.

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    Merhaba, ns3 ile LTE veya Wimax için kuyruk yönetim algoritmalarının analizlerinin yapılmasını istiyorum.

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    Öncelikle sana "Hack-Auto Management" ön elemesini geçip iş simülasyon oyununu oynamaya hak kazandığını memnuniyetle bildirmek isteriz! Bu aşamadan sonra 10'lu gruplarda yarışarak 400 kişi arasından finale kalmak için kıyasıya bir mücadele seni bekliyor. Simülasyon 5 Aralık Cumartesi günü başlayacak ve 12 gün sürecek. E...

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    I have a simulation for a double piped heat exchanger that needs to be done in Star-CCM+. I have the parasolid file for the model and few simulations done by myself. However, I think the simulations I've done are not correct. I need you to either debug them for me or completely redo them. In attachment is a specific description of the heat exchanger I'm doing simulation about. I also ha...

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    I need help with the design and simulation of an electrical engineering project. PSCAD skills are required.

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    Conducting a static simulation of the 12 meter Christmas tree stand. I would like to quote the valuation of the strength analysis (statics, wind, ice, rain) for the attached 12-meter cone model. - development max. 4 A4 sheets in English - ballast selection so that it does not fall over into one wind zone - treating our constructions as openwork decorations - they are not full construction planes...

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    Need to build an interactive VR medical device simulation. Heart surgery that begins to bleed and then using a particular process to stop the bleeding. The user experience must be that they use the simulation for about 5min and in that time completely understand the basic medical process and correct technique through a step by step guided interaction. Hand tracking, environment design, surgery ani...

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    Simulation 5 gün left

    Need an expert in simulation, ticket sales urgently Budget-$30

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    A Java-based simulation of agent behaviour and transactions Based on the book trading scenario below (reproduced from Chapter 2 of the Java Agent Development (JADE) tutorial (2009)), write a Java program (not in JADE), to simulate the agent behaviour and transactions as described in this scenario. Note that the interactions follow a variant of the Contract-Net protocol. [Hint: For this simulati...

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    I am conducting research using a PC (windows 10) based flight simulator and need the ability to input a delay between the control actuation and when it is delivered to the simulation. The controls are a USB input so basically need a way to select a specific time to buffer the USB input before it is input to the simulation. The delay needs to be accurate and selectable between 0.0 and 2.0 seconds. ...

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    For a project we need support for ROS and Open AI for universal Robot. As part of deliverable we need a powerpoint, literature review and defining an application to implement a reinforcement learning algorithm, writing code, simulation in Gym & Gazebo and implement in ROS and Universal Robot.

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    I developed a heuristic optimization algorithm to estimate a set of parameters from a simulation model. The fitness landscape is quite complex, not only because it is rough, but also because its shape may change with the parameters. Traditional non-linear optimization procedures do not work, and even genetic algorithms and other heuristic methods seem to fail. My algorithm is computationally expen...

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    Hello Yaroslav-Aleksandr L., I have a unconventionell offer for you to make. I am a Pro-Gamer in Germany. And I am playing the Game Landlord Tycoon. This game is a simulation with real buildings which every player can buy. Also it is possible to buy cities. I saw that Batumi is still for sale in this game. And I would like to get your help to buy it in Batumi. This project would contain that you i...

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    please i need the help of an expert in electrical engineering works for a little simulation, graphs of circuit diagrams and experiments, more details would be discussed in the chat, many thanks

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    A desert cooler is to be made and the motor used generally is to be replaced by a BLDC motor suitably from 100w to 150w. Only simulation of the motor is required in Ansys Maxwell 2D, 3D in ansys electronics software

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    I'm mechanical Designer I work on following software's 1 Autocad 2 Solidworks 3 NX CAD & CAM 4 HYPERMESH 5 CREO 6 ANSYS

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    need Simulacion 4 gün left

    need to perform a simulation in Comsol. It is a hot water distribution project in a two-story house. The geometry is ready. Boundary conditions must be entered and simulated hot water flow.

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    Дана сборка гидравлического распределителя для управления гидроцилиндром. В Solidworks Flow Simulation необходимо задать нужные граничные условия (скорее всего давление на входе и массовый расход на выходе). -Гидрораспределитель находится в погружном диафрагменном насосе с гидравлическим приводом; силовой насос подает жидкость в золотник, который распределяет жидкость в полость гидроцилиндра (шток...

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    What we do I am a fabric/textile designer. I'm looking for material to help promote my designs on social media. My designs are all on Silk and am looking for very interesting was to showcase my scarf designs. All creative directions welcome: folding / fly pasts / dance / morph/ dissolve / explosion / origami etc. My designs are promote African heritage and the animation can choose to explore ...

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    Write a paper to be published in international Journal Call for Papers International Journals in Engineering/Technology & Sciences ISSN No : 977 2394-6903 We encourages a broad understanding of emerging and scientific research and intends to further its many different facets, theoretical analysis and experiential body of knowledge. In doing so, the Rainbow publications series of journal...

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    I need help taking my capsim capstone business simulations! Willing to pay somone who is a pro/ expert or has experience in this course. It is finance, marketing, sales, etc

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    Trophy icon DL Flyer design Bitti left

    I want to have e 2 faces DL flyer with the texts that I provide in the simulation of both faces. I give the 2 images for main face and back, and 2 pictures of the casino that I want to have it on the back of the couple seat with champagne. I provide also the picture with the name of the event and the hart that I want to have on the back. The logos are not important because will be put anothers. yo...

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    I need simulation network project

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    Description of a business process scenario; Design in Adonis the complete business process: in the process all the following model types must be included (company map, business process and sub-process, working, correctly connected and customized - with time and costs) 1. at the analysis check, execute consistency checks on BPM 2. execute analytical evaluation in the main business process 3. simu...

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    Need guidance with FEA analysis in MATLAB and ANSYS................................

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    I need talented 3d designer.. and designer sould have simulation skill too...

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    There is a really badly designed iPhone app called Little Traders I want to design something similar but more realistic and much better designed. I suggest you download the app and take a look to see how it works. It’s a game where you are building a trading firm. Great idea and poor execution. Can you help?

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    Sorting Lines & moving conveyor belts

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    I have a thesis which is about the effect of smart building materials on the sustainability of interior design, So I need an expert in EnergyPlus or DesignBuilder to do the simulation So I want to have an information about the duration of work and the prices as well. Thanks

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    Ansys CFD Expert Required 15 saat left

    We need expert Ansys user for long term. Ansys CFD and Structure. Experienced and economical freelance will be preferred.

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    Hello i have some network simulation work, contact me for more details should be done in omnet castilia

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    I need someone who familiar with ROS Server and ubutu to help me to run a simulation sofware.

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    The task is to implement a physically correct simulation of optical phenomena on MATLAB (WITH DETAILED COMMENTS by Monday night (13th Jan 2020). The optical Phenomenon can be diffraction (e.g., at a single slit or from an edge) or refraction (preferably refraction, but diffraction is also fine). The focus here is on an intuitive and visually appealing graphical presentation. The optical phenomena ...

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    Hello Satish More Here I am Expert in Autocad, Solidworks,NX CAD & CAM,CREO,HYPERMESH, ANSYS And CREO

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    Hello, I need a profit calculator to integrate in my Wordpres website. This calculator needs to appear in a pop-up when the visitor clicks on the « Simulation en ligne » button. I joined the detailed specifications.

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    I have an energy simulation platform made in Excel sheets. I would like to have a web application based on those sheets, designed with Flask. Do not worry about the licencing as the company have bought it. The sheets are in Korean now, but I will provide the English version after I get a roughly estimates. The link to the files is [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ...

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    any one who is expert in SIMIO Im looking for neither bad nor fantastic but good simulation modeling project + Report (pages min 3 )

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    Hello there! I am a Electronics & Electrical Engineer who wish to Co- Work with few researcers and am seeking for the opportunity to work together and publish a journal based on our ideas. My areas of interest include Electronics, Arduino, Simulation and design, Building real world solutions to problems faced in daily life by application of advanced technology ,IOT and Electronics. So, I am...

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    I'm considering using BackTrader as the central processor of a simulation/trading platform. BackTrader is written in Python and some have told me that Python is not as fast as some other software languages, but it is easier to use for development. I've run a simple strategy through another simulation platform called TradingBlox and have some results. I have taken a Python programming cou...

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    i am looking for cfd expert who can simulate my new valve .

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    I have to design the new product. So you have to model and analyze it wonderfully. You can use Ansys, Solidwork and so on. If you have many experiences in iSIGHT, it is plus, this project is yours. Thanks you

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    3. Use Ansys Workbench or (APDL) to analyse a problem. (60 marks) • Model a component of your choice - The component must be something that exists. As an example, the component could be a car suspension member, a bicycle handlebar stem or a lifting hook. Make the initial component simple (remove any fillet radii, lightening pockets etc.). • Determine realistic loadings and constraints f...

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    Simple essay Bitti left

    Essay in apa format 350-500 word count on the topic of “ Distinguish between sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis, and simulation. Provide examples for each “

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    i am an msc student of architecture. am trying to get results for my thesis. i need to simulate a solar chimney model, especially in ANSYS.

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    build a store on Etsy and Amazon, we sell Leather Pillows. we need 3D simulation pillows example that people can look and manipulated 360 , the pillow will be able to be seen in the 3 standard color we have plus 1 (the client custom choice) color that the client could upload their own color. need so someone good n 3D and E commerce build.

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